16 Jan 2023

Euro Police Bust Multimillion-Dollar Crypto Fraud Gang

European law enforcement agencies collaborated to take down a multimillion dollar cryptocurrency fraud group, making multiple arrests last week. The operation was coordinated by Europol and targeted individuals associated with a large scale cryptocurrency investment fraud scheme. Those arrested include 14 individuals in Serbia and one in Germany, as well

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30 Nov 2022

PII May Have Been Stolen in Virginia County Ransomware Attack

Personal identifiable information may have been leaked in a recent ransomware attack targeting Southampton County in the state of Virginia. The county recently warned individuals that their information may have been stolen after cybercriminals were able to gain access to a single server and encrypted it. Southampton County stated that

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24 Oct 2022

US Healthcare Organizations Warned of ‘Daixin Team’ Ransomware Attacks

The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) have issued a joint alert. The alert pertains to a new cybercrime group called Daixin Team that targets organizations in the healthcare sector. The threat actor has

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20 Oct 2022

Brazilian Police Arrest Lapsus$ Suspect

In Brazil, federal police arrested a suspected member of the notorious hacking group Lapsus$. The arrest occurred earlier this week and was a result of an investigation dubbed Operation Dark Cloud launched by Brazilian authorities this summer that aimed to crack down on the cybercrime collective. The individual was arrested

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07 Sep 2022

Authorities Take Down Prolific WT1SHOP Cybercrime Marketplace

American and Portuguese authorities have reportedly taken down a notorious cybercrime marketplace on which sellers posted troves of stolen personal information that amassed millions of dollars over the years it was active. According to the US Department of Justice, the platform was one of the largest of its kind and

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12 Apr 2022

Does a UN Effort to Develop a Cybercrime Treaty Have a Chance of Success?

The United Nations (UN) General Assembly has agreed to enter a three-year engagement to develop a treaty on international cybercrime. The proposed schedule includes at least six sessions to alternate between New York and Vienna. The ad hoc committee includes delegates, as well as non-government, academic, and IT companies. This effort comes at a time when cybercrime is increasing worldwide, as gangs become more sophisticated and professionalized in their operations. Cyber crime’s evolution and its increasingly more diverse and organized ecosystem contributes to its success and popularity. Estimates have placed cybercrime profits at USD 6 trillion in 2021 with an expected increase to USD 10.5 trillion in 2025. One thing is certain: cyber criminals continue to remain one step ahead of defenders that desperately try to anticipate the next evolution of their activities.

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17 Mar 2022

Lawmakers Probe Early Release of Top RU Cybercrook

Russian cybercriminal Aleksei Burkov, responsible for operating two of Russia’s most exclusive underground hacking forums, was released by American authorities after serving just a fraction of his sentence. Burkov was arrested in 2015 by Israeli authorities, and his subsequent extradition to the US was fought by Russia for four years.

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14 Mar 2022

Ransomware Gang Threatens to Leak Files Stolen From Tire Giant Bridgestone

A cyberattack against tire and rubber giant Bridgestone Americas came to light in late February. Bridgestone disconnected many of its manufacturing and retreading facilities from its network at the time, causing some plant operations to be shut down. A cybercrime gang that has been using LockBit 2.0 ransomware took credit

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14 Feb 2022

More Details Emerge: REvil Gang Arrestee Tied to 2021 Colonial Pipeline Attack; Ukrainian Data Wiping Attack a False Flag Operation

A month ago, we provided an analyst of two incidents in the Ukrainian conflict that occurred on the same day (Friday, January 14th):  the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) takedown of the REvil Ransomware Gang and a major cyberattack on Ukrainian government websites.  At the time, these events felt neither coincidental nor unrelated. The following is an update on both events as tensions rise in Eastern Europe.  Only time will tell if they are confirmed pieces of the larger information war waged by Putin.

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18 Jan 2022

Are Initial Access Brokers the Next Crime Target for Governments?

Initial Access Brokers (IAB) are poised to become a force in 2022, due to a unique skill set that positions them as a valuable commodity for the deployment of hostile cybercrime activity. IABs serve as middlemen, specializing in the exploitation of victims and gaining initial entry. Once achieved and sustained, these actors sell these unique accesses to interested customers on dark web forums and markets. In this capacity, they execute the first phase of a cyber-attack chain, performing the necessary research prior to conducting an operation. Emilio Iaisiello explores the implications of the growth of IABs.

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