18 Jan 2022

Are Initial Access Brokers the Next Crime Target for Governments?

Initial Access Brokers (IAB) are poised to become a force in 2022, due to a unique skill set that positions them as a valuable commodity for the deployment of hostile cybercrime activity. IABs serve as middlemen, specializing in the exploitation of victims and gaining initial entry. Once achieved and sustained, these actors sell these unique accesses to interested customers on dark web forums and markets. In this capacity, they execute the first phase of a cyber-attack chain, performing the necessary research prior to conducting an operation. Emilio Iaisiello explores the implications of the growth of IABs.

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14 Jan 2022

Today, Putin Sends Cybercrime Crackdown Signal to U.S.; Unattributed Cyber Attack on Ukrainian Government Sites

More than any of the mixed signals of the high-level meetings between the U.S. and Russia, two cyberwar developments today are far more clear indicators of the direction of the Ukrainian conflict playing out between NATO, Putin, and the U.S. 

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10 Jan 2022

Cyber criminals are mailing out USB drives that install ransomware

According to the FBI, a cybercrime group has been attempting to compromise devices via thumb drives. The malicious group has been mailing out USB thumb drives, hoping that recipients will fall for the trick and plug them into their devices, effectively installing ransomware on their networks. The drives reportedly contain

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20 Dec 2021

Scammers grabbed $7.7 billion worth of cryptocurrency in 2021

According to blockchain analysis firm Chainalysis, cryptocurrency based scammers and cybercriminals stole $7.7 billion worth of cryptocurrency from victims in 2021. Chainalysis reports that the 2021 figures represent an 81% increase in losses when compared to 2020. Some of the losses were attributed to a single scheme in which cybercriminals

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09 Dec 2021

Passports Now Most Attacked Form of ID

When it comes to identity theft, passports are now the most frequently attacked form of identification. A new report from Onfido detailing identity theft and fraud over the past year found that passports overtook national identity cards as fraudsters’ and cybercriminals’ most forged documents. This points to a shift in

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29 Nov 2021

1,000 arrests made in online fraud crackdown, says Interpol

According to a report from Interpol, 1,003 cybercriminals spanning 22 jurisdictions were arrested over the past few months as part of an Interpol-coordinated operation against online financial crimes. Law enforcement across 20 different nations conducted raids and made arrests between June and September. The operation targeted those involved with forms

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14 Nov 2021

Ransomware Gangs Focusing on High Profile Targets says Europol

According to Europol’s recent Internet Organised Crime Threat Assessment 2021, ransomware gangs are increasingly targeting high-profile organizations such as large corporations and government institutions in 2021. The report offers insights into the current cybercrime trends in Europe and investigates the types of attacks growing in popularity. This edition revealed that

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08 Nov 2021

Feds Offer $10 Million Bounty for DarkSide Info

The US State Department has ramped up its search for ransomware perpetrators connected with the DarkSide threat group by offering a massive $10 million bounty for information leading to the location or arrest of the leaders of the cybercrime group. The federal government has been seeking to take down the

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08 Nov 2021

Cybersecurity firms provide threat intel for Clop ransomware group arrests

In June, six subjects were arrested by Ukrainian police forces during 20 different raids across Kyiv that consisted of seizing computers, technology, cars, and roughly $185,000 in cash. The Ukrainian police worked with law enforcement in South Korea on the raid, which is known as Operation Cyclone. Interpol allegedly managed

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03 Nov 2021

Ransomware Gangs Target Corporate Financial Activities

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has released a warning detailing how ransomware gangs are threatening to tank share prices for publicly held companies. According to the FBI, the new extortion tactic consists of cybercriminals targeting businesses when they are approaching significant and time-sensitive financial events, such as quarterly earnings reports

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