31 Mar 2020

Coronavirus-themed spam surged 14,000% in two weeks says IBM

Recently, there have been numerous reports of cybercriminals and hacking groups taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic. IBM emerged with new information that stated that in the past two weeks, coronavirus themed spam has increased by 14,000%. The report by IBM’s X-Force reveals how much spam has been generated, taking

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26 Mar 2020

Chinese Hackers Exploit Cisco, Citrix Flaws in Massive Espionage Campaign

APT41, a Chinese threat group that is responsible for dozens of destructive cyberattacks, has been exploiting vulnerabilities in Citrix NetScaler/ADC, Cisco routers and Zoho ManageEngine Desktop Central as part of a new espionage campaign. However, researchers have not yet determined if the campaign is targeting specific organizations or what these

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26 Mar 2020

Tupperware Hit By Card Skimmer Attack

Malwarebytes Labs researchers have discovered a cyberattack on the Tupperware website, targeting customers payment card information via a digital credit card skimmer disguised inside an image file. Researchers found the malicious code when an anomaly in the iframe container was caught, prompting the researchers to look closer at the code.

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24 Mar 2020

Fake Coronavirus ‘Vaccine’ Website Busted in DoJ Takedown

The Department of Justice has been cracking down on malicious websites using the current pandemic to lure victims. Most recently, the DoJ has taken down a website that claimed to give out coronavirus vaccine kits but rather stole victims’ payment card and personal information. This shutdown marks the first federal

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19 Mar 2020

Libya-based hackers using coronavirus pandemic to spread mobile surveillance malware

Coronavirus themed emails have been targeting victims less and right, feeding off of global fear. The campaigns use messages and software as well, to trick people into downloading malware and other malicious programs. Kristin Del Rosso and other researchers at Lookout, a cybersecurity company, have uncovered a unique coronavirus attack

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18 Mar 2020

Attorney General Directs DoJ to Prioritize Coronavirus Crime

The US Attorney General, William Burr, recently urged attorneys in the DoJ to pay close attention to cybercriminals who are capitalizing on coronavirus fears to spread malware and commit fraud. The memo consists of Barr warning attorneys that it is essential to remain vigilant in detecting and prosecuting wrongdoing as

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17 Mar 2020

An Executive Review of new USG Guidelines for Dark Web Intelligence Collection

In February, the Department of Justice’s Cybersecurity Unit published a document that focuses on the risks practitioners face when gathering intelligence from online sources like the Darknet and what the ramifications of certain actions are when performing intelligence collection. The publication highlights several hypothetical situations in which the practitioner may face legal consequences for missteps when interacting with Darknet sellers and obtaining information from these forums.  

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03 Mar 2020

Lockheed Martin, SpaceX And Tesla Caught In Cyber Attack Crossfire

In late February, the research firm Emsisoft alerted Forbes journalists that they believed that SpaceX and Tesla had been hacked due to the discovery of published non-disclosure agreement documents related to the companies by a cybercrime group. Cybercriminals targeted a precision parts manufacturer that supplies automotive and aeronautics parts to

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27 Feb 2020

A Small Change To Google Chrome Hits Cybercrime Marketplace Hard

Google recently introduced a seemingly subtle change in the newest version of its Chome web browser, version 80. The feature makes the credentials that users save in Chrome’s password manager more secure, and it has already generated a large impact on the underground criminal enterprise. The Genesis Store has operated

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26 Feb 2020

Ransomware Attack at US Power Station

The Reading Municipal Light Department, a Massachusetts power station, was hit by ransomware over the weekend, causing its website to be down, however, the attack did not interrupt electricity services and RMLD’s grid remains secure. The company is refusing to meet the attackers’ demands of a ransom payment. The cybercriminals

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