06 Aug 2020

Cybercrime Growing at an “Alarming Pace” Due to COVID19

According to a new report released by INTERPOL, cybercrime is growing at an alarming pace due to the ongoing global pandemic. INTERPOL’s research also lead them to believe that the crime rate will continue to accelerate throughout 2020. The report reveals the extent to which threat actors are capitalizing on

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08 Jul 2020

Keeper Threat Group Rakes in $7M from Hundreds of Compromised E-Commerce Sites

Researchers have warned that the Keeper threat group is deploying Magecart code to launch increasingly sophisticated attacks against eCommerce sites across the world. The group was formed three years ago and has since compromised more than 570 sites ranging in nature from liquor stores to Apple product resellers. Now, researchers

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29 Jun 2020

‘Cardplanet’ Operator Sentenced to 9 Years for Selling Stolen Credit Cards

Aleksei Burkov, a Russian citizen, has been sentenced to nine years in prison for his responsibility in operating a site selling credit card details that is responsible for $20 million in fraudulent purchases. The dark web forum, called “Cardplanet,” sold hundreds of thousands of stolen payment card numbers that had

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24 Jun 2020

New Zealand seizes $90 million in assets of Russian cybercrime suspect

New Zealand law enforcement has reportedly seized assets worth $90.68 million from a Russian man who is suspected of money laundering billions of dollars in digital currency. The assets were being held in a New Zealand company owned by cybercriminal Alexander Vinnik, who is wanted in the US, France, and

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22 Jun 2020

Hacker arrested for stealing, selling PII of 65K hospital employees

Justin Sean Johnson, a 29-year-old man from Michigan, was arrested earlier this week for his involvement in a 2014 hack of the health care provider University of Pittsburg Medical Center (UPMC). Johnson allegedly executed the attack and stole personally identifiable information and W-2 information of over 65,000 employees. Johnson is

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12 Jun 2020

FBI Expects Increased Targeting of Mobile Banking Applications

The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center released an alert earlier this week warning Americans that threat actors will likely increasingly target mobile banking applications as they rise in popularity. According to the alert, mobile banking application use went up by 50% since the beginning of this year, drawing the attention

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19 May 2020

Quick Hits from the 2020 Verizon Data Breach Report

The annual Verizon Data Breach Report has become a reliable and consistent source of cybersecurity attack trends over the past several years. Verizon has just released this year’s report with the largest number of contributing organizations ever.  Here is OODA’s hot take.

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15 May 2020

Inventory of hacked servers for sale on cybercrime forum exceeds 43,000

Recent cyber intelligence reporting has revealed that the MagBo portal, which sells cyberattackers access to previously compromised servers, is now listing an inventory of 43,000 hacked servers.  The portal provides access to hacked servers, with some belonging to local and state government, hospitals, and financial organizations and has firmly established

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14 May 2020

Scammers steal $10 million from Norway’s state investment fund

Norfund, Norway’s state investment fund, has reportedly been the victim of a cyberattack in which cybercriminals stole $10 million from the organization. The fraudsters were able to launch the attack through running business email compromise scams, eventually obtaining access to the email system. This allowed the attackers to monitor communication

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14 Apr 2020

Overlay Malware Leverages Chrome Browser, Targets Banks and Heads to Spain

On Monday, IBM’s X-Force researchers posted an analysis of a malware that leverages a fake Chrome browser plugin, subsequently targeting the accounts of banking customers in Spain. The banking malware, called Grandoreiro, also uses a remote overlay to display a full-screen overlay image when a target accesses their online banking

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