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Authorities Take Down Prolific WT1SHOP Cybercrime Marketplace

American and Portuguese authorities have reportedly taken down a notorious cybercrime marketplace on which sellers posted troves of stolen personal information that amassed millions of dollars over the years it was active. According to the US Department of Justice, the platform was one of the largest of its kind and offered roughly six million records containing personal information for sale. The site, WT1SHOP was seized by Portuguese authorities yesterday while the US took responsibility for shutting down associated domains.

According to authorities, information such as login credentials, bank accounts, credit card details, driver’s licenses, and passports could be bought on the forum using Bitcoin. As of December 2021, there were 106,273 buyers and 94 sellers registered on the site. The marketplace has facilitated the sale of roughly 2.4 million credentials, the authorities report. These credentials include logins for e-commerce sites, financial institutions, email accounts, PayPal accounts, and more. The site administrator resides in Moldova and has been charged with conspiracy and trafficking in unauthorized access devices.

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