14 Nov 2021

Ransomware Gangs Focusing on High Profile Targets says Europol

According to Europol’s recent Internet Organised Crime Threat Assessment 2021, ransomware gangs are increasingly targeting high-profile organizations such as large corporations and government institutions in 2021. The report offers insights into the current cybercrime trends in Europe and investigates the types of attacks growing in popularity. This edition revealed that

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08 Nov 2021

Feds Offer $10 Million Bounty for DarkSide Info

The US State Department has ramped up its search for ransomware perpetrators connected with the DarkSide threat group by offering a massive $10 million bounty for information leading to the location or arrest of the leaders of the cybercrime group. The federal government has been seeking to take down the

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08 Nov 2021

Cybersecurity firms provide threat intel for Clop ransomware group arrests

In June, six subjects were arrested by Ukrainian police forces during 20 different raids across Kyiv that consisted of seizing computers, technology, cars, and roughly $185,000 in cash. The Ukrainian police worked with law enforcement in South Korea on the raid, which is known as Operation Cyclone. Interpol allegedly managed

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03 Nov 2021

Ransomware Gangs Target Corporate Financial Activities

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has released a warning detailing how ransomware gangs are threatening to tank share prices for publicly held companies. According to the FBI, the new extortion tactic consists of cybercriminals targeting businesses when they are approaching significant and time-sensitive financial events, such as quarterly earnings reports

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19 Oct 2021

South Korea Wants Help to Arrest Alleged Cyber-Criminals

South Korea is currently seeking assistance from the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) to find and detain two foreign nationals who are suspected of being cyber-criminal gang leaders. According to South Korean officials, the individuals played key roles in multiple different cyberattacks as well as conducted a major extortion scam

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13 Oct 2021

US calls on Russia to do more to crack down on ransomware groups ahead of White House meeting with allies

The US has reportedly called on Russia to crack down on ransomware groups operating from within the country. According to the White House, Moscow has taken some steps to do so after a message from President Joe Biden urged the country to tackle the groups over the summer. However, a

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21 Sep 2021

Europol Breaks Open Extensive Mafia Cybercrime Ring

International law enforcement efforts have led to the takedown of an extensive cybercrime operation run by a gang with ties to the Italian Mafia. According to Europol, the gang utilized violence and intimidation as tactics and collected $12 million in online fraud profits. The group used phishing attacks to defraud

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27 Aug 2021

US Media, Retailers Targeted by New SparklingGoblin APT

Cybersecurity researchers at ESET have identified a new threat actor utilizing an undocumented backdoor to infiltrate organizations in the education, retail, and government sectors. The advanced persistent threat (APT) group is an emerging international cybercriminals gang that is broadening its targets to include universities, media firms, and one computer retailer

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11 Aug 2021

Hackers take $600m in ‘biggest’ cryptocurrency theft

A hacker has allegedly leveraged a vulnerability to steal $600 million from a blockchain finance platform in an attack that is being called the largest cryptocurrency theft to date. On Tuesday, the victim, Poly Network, announced the attack. The platform targeted was DeFi, a decentralized finance platform that works across

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23 Jul 2021

FBI Warns Cybercriminals Eyeing Broadcast Disruption at Tokyo Olympics

The FBI has released a statement regarding the Tokyo Olympics, claiming that they are prepared to intercept attempts from threat actors to hijack video feeds or cause other disruptions to the event. The Olympics have already been targeted by threat actors, however, the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Cyber Division recently

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