06 Apr 2022

Israel’s coalition government loses its majority as right-wing lawmaker quits

On Wednesday, coalition chairwoman Idit Silman resigned and deprived the government of its majority. When she resigned, she called for a right-wing government to be formed rather than a coalition government. Silman has voiced opposition to plans to liberalize certain prayer rules at the Western Wall.  Former Prime Minister Benjamin

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30 Mar 2022

Saudi-led coalition to halt military operations in Yemen as UN urges truce

Late on Tuesday, the Saudi-led coalition fighting the Houthi group in Yemen said it would stop military operations on Wednesday. The announcement followed a UN call for a truce during the holy month of Ramadan. The UN has been working with the two groups, who have been at war since

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07 Jul 2021

New Israeli government suffers first major legislative setback on controversial ‘citizenship’ law

Tuesday morning, the newly formed Israeli government suffered its first major setback after failing to secure enough votes to extend a regulation that bans Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza married to Israelis from applying for citizenship. The coalition had previously agreed to amend the law to grant citizenship

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03 Jun 2021

Benjamin Netanyahu calls to block Israel’s newly formed coalition

Benjamin Netanyahu has responded with calls to block a newly agreed coalition that seeks to remove him from power after twelve years as Prime Minister. Mr. Netanyahu called on right win members of parliament to prevent the coalition from taking office. Eight opposition parties reached an agreement late on Wednesday

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31 Mar 2021

Navy’s New Unmanned Campaign Framework

The Navy and Marine Corps recently released their long-awaited Unmanned Campaign Framework.  This is a continuation of the drop-down documents spawned by the National Defense Strategy and meant to bolster the Naval Service’s commitment to shift their attention to “near-peer competitors”.

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20 Jan 2021

The Naval Services new “Advantage at Sea” Strategy

Last month, the Secretary of the Navy released an interesting and informative document called “ADVANTAGE at Sea: Prevailing with Integrated All-Domain Naval Power”.   This strategy is aligned with the Joint All Domain Command and Control (JADC2) concepts discussed in separate OODA posts, and it combines the interests and intentions of all three Service Chiefs (Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard) to work together in an integrated manner to achieve “security and prosperity on the seas”.

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22 Dec 2020

Microsoft and McAfee headline newly-formed ‘Ransomware Task Force’

A new group consisting of 19 security firms, non-profits, and tech companies plans to combat the increasing threat of ransomware attacks. The coalition, named the Ransomware Task Force (RTF), contains well-known organizations such as McAfee and Microsoft. Other member companies include Aspen Digital, Citrix, Cybereason, The Institute for Security and

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02 Oct 2013

Football and the Illusive Stability of Coalition Governments in the MENA States

An Arab Spring political cycle is emerging. Single-party domination gives way to multi-party democracy which crumbles back into single-party domination. Football: An Introductory Anecdote Sitting with a group of western-educated, politically active Tunisians at a restaurant in Tunis, I commented on my surprise at the absence of soccer-playing children. I

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