17 Mar 2022

Leftist Gabriel Boric sworn in as Chile’s president in sharp political shift

Gabriel Boric, a Chilean leftist, was sworn in as president on Friday. This marks the sharpest shift in the country’s politics since it returned to democracy 30 years ago. Boric is a former protest leader and lawmaker and is Chile’s youngest ever elected leader.  Boric’s election has raised hope among

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20 Dec 2021

Leftist Gabriel Boric, 35, wins Chile’s presidential election

Former student leader and leftist Gabriel Boric became Chile’s youngest President during a runoff election Sunay. Boric, 35, won 55.87% of the vote with 99.95% of the ballots counted, meaning a victory over his right-wing opponent Jose Antonio Kast. Boric will be sworn in as President on March 11.  Kast

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15 Jan 2019

Small group of Marines, sailors complete ‘first step’ in building long-term Latin America task force

The U.S. is slowly strengthening a multinational task force in Latin America whose role spans from natural disaster to security responses. 2018’s exercises saw the first time officers from foreign partner countries were integrated into the command staff, when a Colombian officer served as deputy commander of the task force.

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28 Dec 2018

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Enters Into Force without USA on December 30

With Australia’s ratification of the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) trade agreement, the agreement between 11 countries will go into effect at the end of December. Current signatories include Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Mexico, and Canada, while Brunei, Chile, Peru, Vietnam, and Malaysia were a part of the

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25 Sep 2018

Venezuela’s Maduro accuses Chile, Colombia, Mexico of helping drone attack

Having arrested at least one in connection with the failed suicide drone attack against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, the Venezuelan government has accused the governments of Chile, Colombia and Mexico of supporting the attackers through their embassies, asserting what he claimed to be “convincing” evidence of Chilean, Colombian, and Mexican

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29 Aug 2018

In Chilean desert, global thirst for lithium is fueling a ‘water war’

“A global boom in demand for lithium has set off a scramble in Chile, which is home to nearly 50 percent of the world’s reserves of the metal. Local indigenous groups, SQM and Albemarle, regional copper miners and newcomers to the region are all competing for water. ‘What we have

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17 Aug 2018

Nine planes grounded by bomb threats in South America: Chilean authorities

Nine planes in Chili, Argentina, and Peru were grounded on Thursday due to bomb threats made to Chile’s civil aviation authority. All of the planes have since been investigated and found to be free of explosives.  Source: Nine planes grounded by bomb threats in South America: Chilean authorities | Reuters

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