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Health Security and Covid figured prominently in the US intelligence community’s annual threat assessment for 2022:

“The COVID-19 pandemic has killed millions of people and disrupted life worldwide, with far-reaching effects extending well beyond global health to the economic, political, and societal spheres. Although the most severe health impacts of COVID-19 are lessening as global vaccination coverage increases and natural immunity builds, countries worldwide will continue to grapple with COVID-19 during the next year. The socioeconomic and political implications of the pandemic will ripple through the world for years.”

Inspired by COVID-19 HPC Consortium, Cabinet-level National Science and Technology Council’s Blueprint for a National Strategic Computing Reserve

The ad-hoc creation of the COVID-19 High-Performance Computing (HPC) Consortium during the coronavirus pandemic revealed the unintended consequences of the shift of personnel and computational power for emergency use. It also compelled the National Science and Technology Council to do an analysis of the Consortium’s resources, processes, and structures to explore the creation of a National Strategic Computing Reserve (NSCR). We break down the NSCR blueprint.

OODA Special Report: Executive’s Guide To The Revolution in Biology

OODA CTO Bob Gourley provides an overview of key thrusts of the transformation underway in biology and offers seven topics business leaders should consider when updating business strategy to optimize your opportunity because of these changes.

Covid-19, Gangs, and Conflict

The Coronavirus pandemic is fueling conflict and fostering extremism while concurrently empowering gangs, cartels, and mafias in their quest for power and profit. In COVID-19, Gangs, and Conflict, OODA Network Experts John P. Sullivan and Robert J. Bunker bring together a curated collection of both new and previously published material to explore the trends and potentials of the global pandemic emergency. Topics include an exploration of proto-statemaking by criminal groups, the interaction of pandemics and conflict, as well as a comparison of gangs, criminal cartels, and mafias exploiting the crisis and exerting criminal governance in Brazil, El Salvador, Mexico, Colombia, and South Africa. Implications for national security, biosecurity, slums, transnational organized crime, and threats and opportunities in the contested pandemic space are assessed.

Emergent Ideas Around COVID-19: Covid-19 provides a nearly unprecedented disruption at a global level that is reshaping our lives, economy, and culture. Here are some of the emergent ideas surrounding Covid-19 that could inform your decision making process or your scenario planning.

DHS Warns that Conspiracy Theories Are Inciting Attacks Against Critical Infrastructures: The Department of Homeland Security has issued an intelligence alert highlight the threat to communication infrastructures posed by conspiracy theories linking 5G technology to Covid-19.

A Perfect Storm forms as COVID-19 Meets Cyberspace: The global pandemic of COVID-19 may slow economies, but conventional and cyber conflicts have not stopped and will continue.

OODA Webinar – Managing Through COVID-19: Matt Devost and Bob examine at a variety of Coronavirus/COVID-19 issues relevant to operational decision-makers.

COVID-19 Related Geopolitical Questions To Drive Your Strategic Planning: The geopolitical dimensions of COVID-19 will have an impact on your organization.

I Was Asked to Review a Major City’s Emergency Response Plan. Here’s What I Told Them: Insights relevant to any local or state government as well as any concerned citizen.

The Impact Of Coronavirus on your Markets and Business Strategy: By anticipating changes in your market you can improve your approach to delivery of products and services.

You Need to Tighten Your OODA Loop on the Coronavirus/COVID-19: In this pandemic, you need to tighten your OODA Loop and make impactful decisions quicker.  In fact, you need to make them right now.

Russia Exploits Global Pandemic for Economic Attacks: The COVID-19 market disruption presents an attractive opportunity for Russia to have a disproportionate impact on U.S. economic strength by engaging in policies that amply existing conditions to further drive panic and algorithmic disfunction.

The Best Analysis Regarding the Business Impact of Coronavirus COVID-19: The Corona Virus is already causing significant business impact across every sector of the economy, with disproportionate impact against sectors like transportation and hospitality.

OODA Special Report: How the Coronavirus will impact your mid to long range strategic planning: This special report is provided as an aid to kickstarting your corporate efforts in strategic planning around the coronavirus specifically and other potential pandemics more generally.

OODA Special Report: Digital Transformation in the Health Care Sector: Prior to the pandemic this sector was modernizing and transforming through digitization. That will accelerate in new and important ways now.

OODA Special Report: Executive’s Guide To The Revolution in Biology: We have been tracking this revolution and provide insights for strategic decision-makers here. Now with the impact of the pandemic we believe this will be the decade of biotech.

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