23 Nov 2022

Top 10 Security, Technology, and Business Books of 2022

Welcome to the 2022 edition of my top 10 books of the year list. This year, I’ve decided to split the fiction books into an additional category and given you two bonus books for your consideration written by close friends of mine.  With the launch of the Hack Factory this year, I’ve been very focused on business, building technologies, and investing style books. As a result, that is a major thematic for this year.  Noticeably absent are books on Blockchain/Cryptocurrencies as that industry is in the middle of a Creative Destruction phase, and I continue to view cybersecurity as being stuck in a Cyber Winter.

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15 Nov 2022

Jen Hoar on Corporate Intelligence and Investigations

In this OODAcast we interview one of our close friends and OODA network members, Jen Hoar. Jen is a former journalist-turned-corporate investigator who has leveraged the potent act of asking, and listening, to turn strangers into sources and contacts into clients. Her expertise, which is clearly also her passion, is identifying and interviewing smart people about any given topic, to learn as much as possible to inform clients’ executive decision-making.

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14 Nov 2022

Android Phone Vulnerability Presents Active Spyware Risk

The vulnerabilities leveraged in the exploit chain are specific to phones powered by Samsung’s Exynos SoC and running kernel 4.14.113 were described by Google Project Zero as having been seen in the wild, meaning that the exploit is being actively used to target user devices. Full Story

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30 Sep 2022

Joseph Menn: Observations From Two Decades Of Tech Journalism

Covering technology issues, and specifically cybersecurity as a journalist is a tough endeavor. Some of these technologies are complex as are the security vulnerabilities often inherent in their deployment and making these topics broadly accessible can be a challenge. Many of the underlying issues touch upon national security and civil

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24 Jun 2022

David Greenberg on Decision-making in Volatile Markets

While the OODA Loop was been heralded in the domain of conflict, we often find the concept in business and there is no greater business analogy to dogfighting that David Greenberg’s experience as a trader on the floor of the world’s largest physical commodities exchange. David’s job required rapid decision making based on constantly changing information and the mental fortitude to move onto the next decision and rapidly learn from both successes and mistakes. In addition to his work as a trader, David also guided the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) through its largest period of growth and through a digital transformation.

In this OODAcast, David shares his story and talks about how to make decisions in complex environments, but also developing the mental resiliency to deal with rapid change and impactful mistakes. David also shares his experiences from 9/11 and how one tiny circumstance saved his life and re-focused his energy on helping others.

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29 Apr 2022

Duyane Norman on Disrupting the CIA to Deal with Emerging Threats

Duyane Norman spent nearly 30 years in the CIA with three Chief of Station and multiple other tours in a variety of interesting geographies and also had a focus on technology issues serving as Deputy Director of the Office of Technical Service within CIA’s Directorate of Science and Technology, and as a member of the CIA Counterterrorism Center’s Incident Response Team. Duyane established a reputation as an innovator and a disruptor looking for ways for the intelligence services to flourish given the fast pace of technological change and the dynamic threats emerging on the global landscape. In this OODAcast we discuss his career in the CIA, how the agency must adapt over time, and the role disruptive technology will play in the geopolitical landscape. We also talk about his Station of the Future project and how that can serve as a roadmap for future innovation.

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08 Apr 2022

Former Tenable CEO Ron Gula Applies a Hacker Mindset to Investing, Public Awareness, and Philanthropy

In this OODAcast, we interview Ron Gula, co-founder and CEO of the highly successful Tenable Security(NASDAQ:TENB) and currently President of Gula Tech Adventures. Ron has a long history in the cybersecurity field that includes starting his career as an NSA hacker and then transitioning into an entrepreneur responsible for multiple innovations in the market and several successful companies. Ron remains a hacker at heart, and currently focuses his energy on investing in and mentoring emerging companies, improving public awareness on cybersecurity, and engaging in philanthropic efforts.

In our conversation with Ron, we explore his career history, the state of cybersecurity, where we should focus our innovation investments, and how cybersecurity professionals can help solve not just global problems, but get engaged in local solutions at scale.

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01 Apr 2022

Jim Lawler on the Art of Espionage and the Perfect Intelligence Operation

In this OODAcast, we talk with Jim Lawler who is a Senior Partner at MDO Group, which provides HUMINT training to the Intelligence Community and the commercial sector focused on WMD, CI, technical and cyber issues. Mr. Lawler is a noted speaker on the Insider Threat in government and industry. Prior to this, Mr. Lawler served for 25 years as a CIA operations officer in various international posts and as Chief of the Counterproliferation Division’s Special Activities Unit.  We talk with Jim about his career in intelligence and national security, his views on the current threats including some of his fictionalized accounts in his novels, and his most notable intelligence operation; the A.Q. Khan nuclear takedown.

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11 Mar 2022

Dr. Scott Shumate Profiles Russian President Vladimir Putin

This OODAcast is a special edition focused on profiling Russian President Vladimir Putin with Dr. Scott Shumate, who has over 30 years of experience evaluating national leaders, terrorists, spies, and insiders.  Scott shares his unique perspective’s on Putin informed by his extensive experience and insight. Is Putin suicidal? Is he a rational actor? Will he escalate to cyber attacks? These questions and more are discussed with Dr. Shumate.

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10 Mar 2022

The Putin Profile: Takeaways from our Interview with a CIA, FBI, and Military Psychologist

Today we recorded an OODAcast with long time colleague Dr. Scott Shumate who has 33 years of national security experience with both the Central Intelligence Agency as an undercover operations officer and the Department of Defense with the Counterintelligence Field Activity as a Senior Executive level director of Behavioral Science support to the departments investigative and counterintelligence units.

Here are the major takeaways from the interview to inform your perspective.

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