18 Aug 2021

VA’s Extended Reality Network Expanding Across Agency

The Veterans Affairs Department has announced that their Extended Reality Network is gaining support among veterans and health care practitioners following its launch last fall. According to a VA statement, there is currently 200 staff actively involved in the network. The network has reportedly been engaging with industry, academic, and

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04 Feb 2021

VA Partners with AT&T to Extend its 5G Experimentation

The Veterans Affairs Department (VA) has announced it is expanding its 5G footprint to the Seattle Puget Sound Health Care System. The expansion is made possible through a partnership between the VA and AT&T. The health care hub will capitalize on the technology with experiments in telemedicine, wearables, and virtual

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06 Nov 2020

VA Makes Moves to 3D Print and Produce Medical Devices In-House

The Veteran’s Affairs Health Administration has been developing medical device manufacturing facilities within their hospitals in hopes of 3D printing medical equipment. The VA is aiming to personalize its patient care and steer the production of health-related instruments. Additive manufacturing solutions provider 3D systems announced on Thursday that it is

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26 Oct 2020

VA Piloting AI to Predict Mortality Rates of COVID-19 Patients

The Veterans Affairs Department is working on a new AI tool that could predict a COVID-19 patient’s prognosis and recommend the next steps based on risk factors such as pre-existing conditions, age, location, and other medical data. The healthcare industry has been overwhelmed by pandemic patients, causing hospital beds to

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22 May 2020

Veterans Affairs Launches First Chatbot to Field COVID-19 Questions

Recently, the Veterans Affairs Department launched a chatbot that aims to provide veterans and their caregivers with answers regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. The chatbot was developed in less than a month through the Microsoft Healthcare Bot platform. The tool can be accessed 24/7 to assess symptoms related to COVID-19 as

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02 Mar 2020

First Instance of VA’s New Electronic Health Record System Now Scheduled For July

The VA has again rescheduled the deployment date for its new electronic health records system, changing the date to July. The initial deployment date was four months before, in March. The VA had announced plans to launch the Cerner Millennium platform at Mann Grandstaff VA Medical Center in Spokane, Washington

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