04 Aug 2021

Three people killed and eight seriously injured in Czech train crash

Three people have died and eight others seriously injured in a train crash in the Czech Republic. The train was traveling from Munich to Prague at the time of the accident, which consisted of the express train running through a stop signal and colliding with a local commuter train. Several

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29 Jul 2021

Hackers used never-before-seen wiper in recent attack on Iranian train system

Researchers at cybersecurity company SentinelOne recently released a report detailing a recent cyberattack on Iran’s train system. The report identifies a new threat actor dubbed MeteorExpress and a previously unknown wiper. The attack was initially reported by local news outlets on July 9, stating that hackers were defacing display screens

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07 Jun 2021

Dozens killed in Pakistan train collision

A collision between two passenger trains in southern Pakistan has killed at least 40 passengers and injured dozens after a train traveling in the Sindh province derailed and landed on another track. A second train that was full of passengers collided with the derailed train and overturned. Rescue teams worked

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03 Jun 2021

Ransomware Disrupts Largest Ferry Service in Massachusetts

Ransomware actors have launched an attack on the largest ferry service in Massachusetts, disrupting traffic and passengers. The Steamship Authority, which transports passengers to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, announced on Twitter that they were targeted by a cyberattack early on Wednesday morning. The attack resulted in customers being unable to

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09 Sep 2020

City of Hartford postpones first day of school after ransomware attack

A ransomware attack has forced the city of Hartford, Connecticut, to postpone the first day of the new school year as scheduled. The cyberattack impacted the city’s IT network, including several of the school’s internal IT systems, resulting in a prolonged outage. Although security teams had already begun the restoration

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18 May 2020

TSA Issues Road Map to Tackle Insider Threat With Artificial Intelligence

The Transportation Security Administration has recently announced plans to share information its collects from employees and other outlets with federal agencies and the private sector, hoping to increase security and prevent insiders from carrying out crimes.  The TSA plans to create an “Insider Threat Mitigation Hub” through the use of

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23 Jan 2020

Coronavirus: Wuhan to shut public transport over outbreak

Wuhan has announced its plan to temporarily shut down its public transportation system as it combats the outbreak of a new strain of virus that has hit China’s major cities, along with several other countries. Wuhan has eleven million residents, all of whom have been advised not to leave the

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28 Nov 2019

OODA Special Report: Digital Transformation in the Transportation Sector

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