14 Dec 2022

Ghana inflation soared to 21-year high above 50% in November

Ghana’s annual consumer inflation has reached a 231-year high of 50.3% in November. This is up 40.4% from October and the increase was driven by utilities, food and fuel price increases. The West African nation secured a staff-level agreement with the International Monetary Fund for a $3bn, three-year support package

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06 Sep 2022

London’s Biggest Bus Operator Hit by Cyber “Incident”

London commuters and travelers are bracing themselves for delays after the city’s largest bus operator, Go-Ahead, revealed that it had suffered from a cybersecurity incident. The company is based in Newcastle and released a statement with the London Stock Exchange confirming that it had detected unauthorized activity on its network.

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01 Mar 2022

Taliban Halts Further Evacuations, Rejecting U.S. Precondition for Lifting Sanctions

On Sunday, the Taliban announced that Afghans will no longer be allowed to exit the country without a sufficient reason. In addition, women will be banned from traveling without a chaperone. The latter regulation contradicts one of the US’s key demands before lifting of sanctions and recognition of its government.

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07 Feb 2022

Swissport Ransomware Attack Delayed Flights

Swissport, an airport services giant, is currently restoring its IT systems after it suffered from a ransomware attack late last week. The attack resulted in delayed flights. The company is headquartered in Zurich and handles airport services such as check-in gates, security, baggage handling, aircraft fueling, de-icing, and lounge hospitality.

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25 Jan 2022

Belarus Activists Fire Ransomware at State Railway

A group of Belarusian cyberattackers are claiming to have successfully launched a ransomware attack on Belarus’s state-run train company. The actions were allegedly performed in a bid to disrupt Russian troop movements. The group revealed the attack on Twitter, claiming to have encrypted some of the railway’s servers, databases, and

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31 Dec 2021

Confusing data breach in Rhode Island leads to AG investigation

On Thursday, the Rhode Island Attorney General Peter Neronha announced that he plans to open an investigation into a recent data breach involving the Rhode Island Public Transit Authority (RIPTA). The announcement comes after criticism and controversy over the way the agency handled the incident. Neronha reported that the Rhode

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27 Dec 2021

Afghanistan’s Taliban ban long-distance road trips for solo women

A new directive issued by the Taliban on Sunday effectively bans Afghan women seeking to travel long distances by road alone. The directive is the latest curb on women’s rights since the Islamist group seized power in August, and prohibits women from traveling more than 45 miles without a male

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06 Dec 2021

US Issues Cybersecurity Directive for Airlines and Railroads

The US has issued a new Transportation Security Administration mandate requiring all railroads and airlines to report cybersecurity breaches to the federal government. Cyber intrusions must be reported to the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) within 24 hours of detection, according to the mandate. This includes rail operators, airline

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09 Nov 2021

How the metaverse will change transportation as we know it

The metaverse is the convergence of the digital and the physical into a new experience of the internet, and it’s a hot topic at the moment. There’s good reason for all the attention. Consider the ways that augmented reality will overlay digital experiences onto physical spaces, alongside the build-out of

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02 Nov 2021

Toronto subways hit by ransomware as US lawmakers slam ‘burdensome’ cybersecurity rules

The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) has been hit by a ransomware attack that forced conductors to use radio to communicate, took the organization’s email system offline, and made schedule information unavailable to passengers. The TTC confirmed the ransomware attack after its IT staff detected unusual network activity. TTC runs all

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