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Swissport Ransomware Attack Delayed Flights

Swissport, an airport services giant, is currently restoring its IT systems after it suffered from a ransomware attack late last week. The attack resulted in delayed flights. The company is headquartered in Zurich and handles airport services such as check-in gates, security, baggage handling, aircraft fueling, de-icing, and lounge hospitality. Last year, the company reportedly provided services to 97 million passengers. Swissport posted on Twitter Friday to warn that its IT infrastructure was impacted by the ransomware attack. The company apologized for any delays in service delivery. Just a day later, the firm appeared to have its operations under control.

It remains unclear how many clients were impacted by the ransomware attack across the globe, however, one report from German media revealed that the outage lead to temporary delays in Zurich. A spokeswoman for the airport reported that 22 different flights were delayed by as many as 20 minutes on the day of the attack. There were no significant implications at Zurich airport. The news follows a series of attacks and outages at European ports and oil terminals over the past few weeks that have impacted fuel supply chains and heightened global tensions.

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