How the metaverse will change transportation as we know it

The metaverse is the convergence of the digital and the physical into a new experience of the internet, and it’s a hot topic at the moment. There’s good reason for all the attention. Consider the ways that augmented reality will overlay digital experiences onto physical spaces, alongside the build-out of virtual reality so robust that it mirrors real-life physical spaces, and there’s the potential to transform the human experience in profound ways. While a lot of this attention is focused on important questions about what Facebook is building, the roles blockchain and cryptocurrencies will play, and how marketing and advertising might evolve within this new “phygital” landscape, the metaverse poses an even more fundamental question: If we’re headed for a future in which we can be anywhere virtually and we don’t need to be anywhere physically, then why and how will we move around?

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OODA Analyst

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