11 Jun 2021

Police Grab Slilpp, Biggest Stolen-Logins Market

On Thursday, the US Department of Justice announced that a multinational operation had led to the seizure of Slilpp, a massive and popular marketplace for selling online logins and credentials. At the time of the takedown, authorities note that there were more than 80 million login credentials for sale used

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09 Jul 2020

15 Billion Credentials Currently Up for Grabs on Hacker Forums

According to researchers and industry experts, unprecedented amounts of data for accessing bank accounts and streaming services are being sold on the dark web. Fifteen billion usernames and passwords for a wide range of services are currently up for sale on underground marketplaces. A report released Wednesday by Digital Shadows

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27 May 2020

26 million LiveJournal accounts being shared on hacker forums

A massive data breach has hit LiveJournal, and the data is being advertised on several different hacker forms for free. The information in the leak includes plain text passwords converted from MD5 hashes, as well as email addresses, usernames, and profile URLs. Since May 8th of this year, the data

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