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Police Grab Slilpp, Biggest Stolen-Logins Market

On Thursday, the US Department of Justice announced that a multinational operation had led to the seizure of Slilpp, a massive and popular marketplace for selling online logins and credentials. At the time of the takedown, authorities note that there were more than 80 million login credentials for sale used to inflict over $200 million in losses in the US alone. Slilpp has been around since 2012 and provides credentials for sale for bank accounts, online payment accounts, retailer accounts, and mobile phone accounts. The DoJ states that those who purchased credentials from the site used them to conduct unauthorized transactions such as wire transfers.

More than a dozen individuals have been charged or arrested by US authorities for involvement in the Slilpp marketplace. The FBI stated that several different foreign law enforcement partners coordinate to take the marketplace down after identifying a series of servers hosting the Slilpp infrastructure and its various domains. According to officials, there were more than 1,400 account providers represented in the marketplace’s offerings. The full impact of Slilpp on Americans and foreign countries has not yet been determined.

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