11 Nov 2021

Seoul to become the first city to enter the Metaverse. What will it look like?

The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) announced on Monday it will be the first major city to enter the metaverse. Provisionally called ‘Metaverse Seoul’, it intends to create a virtual communication ecosystem for all areas of its municipal administration. This would include economic, cultural, tourism, educational and civic service, in three stages

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10 Aug 2021

Kim Jong Un’s Sister Threatens to Bolster Military After Being Ignored by U.S.

Kim Yo Jong, Kim Jong Un’s sister, vowed on Thursday that North Korea would increase its national defense and military power after plans to conduct joint US-South Korea military exercises. Ms. Kim also demanded that the exercises be canceled. They are set to begin next week, however, preliminary training has

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09 Jul 2020

Seoul mayor missing, his phone turned off, search underway

Police in Seoul are searching for missing mayor Park Won-soon after leaving a message for his daughter that sounded suspiciously like a will. Won-soon’s phone is now shut off, and he did not show up for work yesterday. His daughter stated that she contacted the police because she could not

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29 May 2020

Hundreds of South Korea schools close again after reopening

On Friday, South Korea closed over 500 schools after a brief reopening due to a small resurgence of COVID-19 in its capital city, Seoul. Public spaces including government-operated parks, art galleries, museums, and theaters have closed for the next two weeks after reopening earlier this month as well. All government

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12 May 2020

Russia now has second highest virus cases globally

Russia has now reported the second-highest number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the world, following the US. Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, has tested positive for COVID-19, however, it is unclear whether Peskov has come into direct contact with Russian President Putin since contracting the virus. Peskov is being treated in

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21 Feb 2020

South Korea ups emergency response as viral cases surge

On Friday, South Korea reported more virus cases that prompted a larger response, the creation of a “special management zone” around the southeastern city of Daegu in which the epidemic threatens to overwhelm the region’s health system. Health officials reported 52 new cases of the illness, raising the country’s overall

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02 Jan 2020

Seoul to install AI cameras for crime detection

Within the next year, the South Korean government plans to install 3,000 artificial intelligence cameras that detect crime in its capital, Seoul. The cameras will utilize AI software that processes the location, time, and behavior patterns of individuals to assess the likelihood of a crime taking place. The cameras’ capabilities

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