22 May 2019

North Korea at UN warns of consequences over ship seizure

North Korea on Tuesday said it was watching “every move” by the US government since the latter seized a North Korean ship two weeks ago. North Korea’s ambassador to the United Nations warned that “the United States should deliberate and think over the consequences its outrageous acts might have on the

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15 May 2019

Global worries flare over whether US sliding toward Iran war

Escalating US-Iran tensions and the Trump administration’s insistence that it is faced with growing threats from Iran are fueling global worries about a possible military conflict between the two countries. Tensions between the US and Iran have risen dramatically since Trump pulled his country out of the Iran nuclear deal

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09 May 2019

Echoes of Iraq in Trump’s Confrontation with Iran

Various US intelligence experts and lawmakers believe that the escalation of tensions between the US and Iran in recent weeks bears an eerie resemblance to the run-up to the US invasion of Iraq in 2003. One of the key similarities they see is the role of US National Security Advisor

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09 May 2019

US seizes North Korean coal ship for violating sanctions

In the latest sign of mounting tensions between the US and North Korea, the US government has, for the first time in history, seized a North Korean ship because it violates international sanctions on the country. While the announcement comes at a time of renewed North Korean missile activity, the

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29 Apr 2019

Iranian Drone Shown Monitoring U.S. Warships, As U.S. Seeks To Deter ‘Threat of Iran’

In the latest sign that the US sanctions on Iran are fueling Iranian hostility toward the US, an Iranian news agency published footage that allegedly shows how an Iranian military drone is closely monitoring the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower and another US warship in the Persian Gulf. However, the US

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25 Apr 2019

Iran’s Zarif believes Trump does not want war, but could be lured into conflict

In a Wednesday interview with Reuters, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif stated he does not think US President Donald Trump wants war with Iran, but added that this “doesn’t exclude him being basically lured into one.” He said that people like national security adviser John Bolton and Israeli Prime

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23 Apr 2019

Iran says ready for U.S. waivers end, as Guards threaten to shut Hormuz

Iran on Monday said that it is prepared for the effects of US President Trump’s recent decision to stop issuing waivers for the largest importers of Iranian oil. Due to the US move, Japan, South Korea, Turkey, China and India will be in violation of US sanctions if they continue

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15 Apr 2019

North Korea’s Kim willing to meet Trump a third time but gives U.S. an end-of-year deadline

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has indicated that he is open to a third summit with US President Donald Trump, but only if the US makes a “bold decision” before the end of the year. Kim also added that “it will definitely be difficult to get such a good opportunity

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12 Apr 2019

Trump says sanctions on North Korea to stay in place

During a meeting with South Korean President Moon Jae-in, US President Donald Trump on Thursday said that his administration does not want to lift sanctions on North Korea at this time, adding that the sanctions are currently at “a fair level.” The comment came hours after North Korean leader Kim

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11 Apr 2019

North Korea must deliver ‘blow’ to those imposing sanctions

On Thursday, hours before the scheduled meeting of South Korean President Moon Jae-in and US President Donald Trump in Washington, North Korean leader Kim Jung-un gave a speech in which he emphasized the importance of self-reliance for his country. Kim stressed that he would continue his efforts to build a

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