21 Sep 2020

Sanctioned Putin associate ‘laundered millions’ through Barclays

According to recently leaked documents, one of Vladimir Putin’s closest friends may have been laundering money and avoiding sanctions through Barclays Bank in London. The associate, billionaire Arkady Rotenberg, has been close to the president since childhood. Barclays has released a statement claiming that it has met all legal duties

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15 Jul 2020

China vows to retaliate after Trump ends special economic status

China has promised to retaliate against the US following a bold move that ended Hong Kong’s preferential trade status. US President Donald Trump also moved to impose sanctions on officials who crackdown on rights within the new region under China’s controversial security law. President Trump stated that this security law

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28 May 2020

U.S. to Stop Allowing Foreign Companies to Facilitate Iranian Civil Nuclear Program

Mike Pompeo, US Secretary of State, has announced that the US will stop allowing foreign companies to facilitate nuclear activities in Iran, representing a core provision of the 2015 nuclear agreement. Pompeo alleges that Iran has continued to expand proliferation-sensitive activities, resulting in the US government announcement. In May of

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26 May 2020

Second Fuel Tanker From Iran Arrives in Venezuela

On Monday, Venezuelan authorities welcomed a second Iranian fuel tanker. As the ship entered international waters, it was met with naval frigates and helicopters dispatched by Venezuela. This is a lifeline for Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and represents close ties being forged between Tehran and US adversaries in Latin America.

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21 Feb 2020

Global Terror-Finance Watchdog Set to Sanction Iran

The Paris-based Financial Action Task Force is expected to blacklist Iran on Friday after European governments joined the US in their efforts to isolate Tehran. The blacklist aims to isolate Iran financially, straining the already weak economy after years of sanctions. This will broaden the US-led effort after recent events

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19 Feb 2020

North Korea’s Internet Use Surges, Thwarting Sanctions and Fueling Theft

North Korea has reportedly expanded its use of the internet to enable Kim Jon-un to evade American sanctions and promote new forms of cybercrime. A study that has investigated North Korea’s internet use since 2017 suggested that since America introduced “maximum pressure” sanctions to the country, North Korea’s use of

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06 Jan 2020

Donald Trump threatens Iraq with sanctions, says US won’t leave unless ‘they pay us back’ for air base

The US drone strike that killed Iranian military commander Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani at Baghdad airport last Friday has not only resulted in increased tensions between Washington and Tehran, but has also fueled resentment against Washington in Baghdad, where Iraq’s Parliament on Sunday adopted a nonbinding vote to expel the

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03 Jan 2020

U.S. slaps sanctions on Cuba defense minister over support for Venezuela’s Maduro

On Thursday, the US imposed sanctions on Cuba’s defense minister. US officials accused Leopoldo Frias of human rights violations and supporting socialist President Nicolas Maduro. Frias and his family members were blacklisted by Washington on Thursday. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stated that Frias’s affiliate, MINFAR, had been involved

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26 Sep 2019

Iran president warns of a region ‘on the edge of collapse’

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday told the United Nations General Assembly that the Persian Gulf region “is on the edge of collapse, as a single blunder can fuel a big fire.” The official added that the US should withdraw its troops from the region because peace can only be

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05 Sep 2019

Iran to develop centrifuges in further step away from nuclear deal

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday that “all limitations on our research and development” of improved centrifuges for enriching uranium “will be lifted on Friday.” This will mark the third measure recently taken by Tehran in violation of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal. Iran has already exceeded the amount

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