21 Sep 2021

HackerOne expands Internet Bug Bounty project to tackle open source bugs

HackerOne will be expanding its Bug Bounty program, seeking to increase overall open source security. Open source projects are relied upon by enterprise players and SMBs alike and can represent some significant security risks as open-source components are stored and shared publicly. They range from full operating systems to education

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01 Aug 2019

5 experimental cybersecurity trends your business needs to know about

A new report by CB Insights provides information on a number of emerging cybersecurity technologies that have the potential to help companies protect themselves against cyberattacks that are getting more and more sophisticated. Some of the technologies discussed in the report are already getting quite popular, but companies could also

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27 Jun 2019

1 in 10 open source components downloaded in 2018 had a known security vulnerability

A new report by Sonatype looks at the security implications of the growing demand for open source software (OSS). The study shows that the number of security breaches stemming from vulnerabilities in OSS has risen by 71% over the past five years, with almost one in four (24%) of organizations

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03 May 2019

Open Source Vulnerabilities Increase in 2018

A new report by Synopsys indicates that open source security vulnerabilities are on the rise, putting companies that increasingly make use of such solutions at risk. In 2018, 7,000 open source vulnerabilities were identified, bringing the total of flaws found in the past twenty years to over 50,000. The research

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