22 Aug 2019

South Korea Says It Will Scrap Intelligence-Sharing Deal With Japan

In the midst of rising diplomatic tensions between South Korea and Japan, the South Korean government on Thursday announced that it will cancel a military intelligence-sharing pact with Japan. The move could undermine both countries’ efforts to monitor North Korea’s missile activity and thereby frustrate the US government, which had

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24 Jul 2019

Russia and South Korea spar over airspace ‘intrusion’

Russia on Wednesday denied that South Korea’s airspace was violated by a Russian aircraft during a joint air patrol by Russia and China in the Asia-Pacific region on Tuesday. While a statement by South Korea’s presidential office mentioned that Russia had expressed “deep regret” over the incident, Moscow later dismissed

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23 Jul 2019

First Russian-Chinese air patrol in Asia-Pacific draws shots from South Korea

A joint air patrol by Russia and China in the Asia-Pacific region drew warning shots from South Korea on Tuesday. The patrol was carried out by two Russian and two Chinese bombers together with a Russian early warning plane. It was the first mission of its kind carried out by

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28 May 2019

Japan to Restrict Foreign Tech Investment on Security Fears

Less than two weeks after US President Donald Trump signed an executive order enabling his government to forbid US firms from using Chinese tech products over security concerns, the Japanese government also took steps to limit China’s influence in the tech industry. Japan is taking a different route than the

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23 Apr 2019

US could regard cyberattack on Japan as ‘armed attack,’ Pompeo says

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that the US and Japan agree that Article 5 of the US-Japan Security Treaty, which obliges the countries to come to each other’s defense in case of an armed attack, could also be activated by a cyberattack because “international law applies in cyberspace

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01 Apr 2019

Taiwan scrambles jets to confront Chinese fighters after rare incursion

On Sunday, two Chinese jet fighters crossed the median line of the Taiwan Strait that separates Taiwan from China in what some analysts describe as an intentional move by Beijing to push back against US maritime activity in the region and its support for Taiwan. A day earlier, various Chinese

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29 Jan 2019

Fractures opening across democratic Northeast Asia defense front

While some might assume that coordination over the issues of China and North Korea would bring Japan and South Korea together, longstanding disagreements are threatening the country’s bilateral and regional relationships. While the two countries share many cultural, economic, and political values, disagreements extend across sectors from security and territorial

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29 Jan 2019

Japan law will allow government to hack civilian IoT devices

In an effort to address the growing problem of insecure internet of things (IoT) devices, the Japanese government has approved an amendment to a law that authorizes government employees to assess the scope of the issue by hacking civilian IoT devices. The program is intended to minimize the possibility of threat

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16 Jan 2019

Japan surges new weapons, military roles to meet China’s rise

While officials with the Japanese military may not outwardly admit to the causes of its rapid military modernization that stands at questionable odds with its restrictive Constitution, China is driving Japan’s military purchases and production, from its commitment to purchase as many as 147 F-35s to its production of its

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28 Dec 2018

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Enters Into Force without USA on December 30

With Australia’s ratification of the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) trade agreement, the agreement between 11 countries will go into effect at the end of December. Current signatories include Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Mexico, and Canada, while Brunei, Chile, Peru, Vietnam, and Malaysia were a part of the

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