17 Dec 2021

Suspected arson attack in Osaka, Japan, kills at least 24

A suspected arson attack on a medical clinic in the Japanese city of Osaka on Friday has killed at least 24 people. This was one of the deadliest fires in Japan in almost two decades. The fire broke out on the fourth floor before 10:30am and was brought under control

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05 Oct 2021

China Flies a Dozen Bombers Near Taiwan, Prompting Protest From Taipei

According to reports from Taiwan, China’s military flew 56 sorties near the country, including flights by a dozen bombers. The entire situation lasted from before dawn until nighttime on Monday, intensifying a recent streak of tensions over the last several days following the arrival of an armada east of the

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04 Oct 2021

Fumio Kishida takes office as Japan’s new Prime Minister

On Monday, Japan’s Fumio Kishida took office as the country’s new Prime Minister. He was officially confirmed as the country’s 100th Prime Minister after being elected as the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party last week and a parliamentary vote. After the parliamentary vote, Kishida announced his Cabinet of 20

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30 Sep 2021

Fumio Kishida to Become Japan’s Next Prime Minister After Party Election Win

Fumio Kishida, a former Japanese foreign minister who called for the country to advance its missile defenses was elected ruling party leader on Wednesday. This means that Mr. Kishida will likely become the nation’s next prime minister. The 64-year-old supports a strong US-Japan alliance and has expressed concern about China’s

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27 Sep 2021

US-Led Quad Launches New Cyber Group

The Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (Quad) has signaled its commitment to cybersecurity in announcing a new group that will aim to promote best practices and shared standards in the cybersecurity industry. The announcement came after the group met for the first time, comprised of Japan, India, the US, and Australia. The

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03 Sep 2021

Yoshihide Suga announces intention to step down after less than a year as Japan’s Prime Minister

On Friday, Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga announced he will not run in the forthcoming leadership election for his party. This announcement effectively cedes the position and opens the race to other candidates after he has been prime minister for less than a year. Suga assumed the position last September

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01 Sep 2021

Japan finds black particles in Moderna vaccine

Just a week after Japan suspended the use of roughly 1.63 million Moderna Covid-19 vaccine doses due to contamination, another batch has been put on hold after a foreign substance was found in a vial. The foreign substance was detected by a pharmacist in the Kanagawa Prefecture, according to authorities.

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30 Jul 2021

Covid-19 pandemic: Japan widens emergency over ‘frightening’ spike

Japan is extending its state of emergency to new regions as the country faces a surge in Covid-19 cases. Areas surrounding the capital as well as the city of Osaka are now under the state of emergency restrictions. The new cases are fuelled by the more infectious Delta variant, and

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27 Jul 2021

Russia Holds Military Drills Off Japan’s Mainland During Tokyo Olympics

On Tuesday, Moscow planned to begin military exercises off of Japan’s mainland despite the Tokyo Olympics. The island was seized by Japan in 1945 and Tokyo still claims authority over the land. Russia’s prime minister allegedly visited islands in the same disputed group just a day before the incident. Government

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26 Jul 2021

Malware Infects Japanese Devices Ahead of Olympic Games

According to Japanese security company Mitsui Bussan Secure Directions, Olympics-themed malware is targeting Japanese PCs across the country. The malware was discovered on July 21, just days before the opening ceremony, and is designed to wipe files from target systems. Although the malware does not delete everything, it searches for

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