27 Jul 2021

Russia Holds Military Drills Off Japan’s Mainland During Tokyo Olympics

On Tuesday, Moscow planned to begin military exercises off of Japan’s mainland despite the Tokyo Olympics. The island was seized by Japan in 1945 and Tokyo still claims authority over the land. Russia’s prime minister allegedly visited islands in the same disputed group just a day before the incident. Government

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26 Jul 2021

Malware Infects Japanese Devices Ahead of Olympic Games

According to Japanese security company Mitsui Bussan Secure Directions, Olympics-themed malware is targeting Japanese PCs across the country. The malware was discovered on July 21, just days before the opening ceremony, and is designed to wipe files from target systems. Although the malware does not delete everything, it searches for

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07 Jul 2021

Astronomers Use Artificial Intelligence to Reveal the Actual Shape of the Universe

Japanese astronomers have developed a new artificial intelligence tool that removes noise in astronomical data, revealing the actual shape of the universe. The noise is a result of random variations in galaxy shapes, according to the astronomers. The tool underwent extensive training and testing on mock data created by supercomputer

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06 Jul 2021

Japan Looks to Boost Military Cyber Experts Amid Security Threat

According to a new report by Nikkei after viewing Ministry of Defense plans, the Japanese military is set to add hundreds of new cybersecurity specialists to its forces due to current aggression from hostile nations. The report revealed that as of 2020, there was 660 cybersecurity personnel in Japan’s Self

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04 Jun 2021

Fujifilm Shuts Down Servers to Investigate Possible Ransomware Attack

Fujifilm shut down its servers to investigate a potential ransomware attack, according to a statement. The company first detected some suspicious activity on June 1, taking quick action to discontinue all compromised systems. On Fujifilm’s website, they state that they are working to determine the extent and scale of the

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11 May 2021

Japanese Manufacturer Yamabiko Targeted by Babuk Ransomware

A Japanese manufacturer has been targeted by the Babuk ransomware after a recent attack on Washington DC’s police department. The ransomware gang has most recently attacked Yamabiko, a Tokyo-headquartered manufacturer of power tools and industrial machinery. The company was allegedly added to Babuk’s data leak site, signifying that the company

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21 Apr 2021

Japan Says Chinese Military Likely Behind Cyberattacks

Tokyo police are investigating a series of cyberattacks on roughly 200 Japanese companies and research organizations. Initial investigations point towards a hacking group believed to be linked to the Chinese military, according to a statement made by the Japanese government on Tuesday. Among the list of hacked organizations is the

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13 Apr 2021

Japan to Release Low-Radiation Fukushima Water Into Ocean

On Tuesday, Japan stated that it plans to release water with low levels of radiation from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant into the sea. However, this plan has been met with extreme opposition from the local fishing industry and environmentalists, who are struggling to recover from the impact of the

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25 Mar 2021

North Korea Fires Ballistic Missiles for First Time in Nearly a Year, U.S. and Japan Say

On Thursday, North Korea launched two ballistic missiles off of its east coast. This marks the first time the country has performed an exercise with ballistic missiles in almost a year, according to the US and Japanese governments. The move shows Kim Jong Un’s frustrations with the Biden administration and

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17 Mar 2021

Japan’s failure to recognize same-sex marriage is ‘unconstitutional,’ court rules

A landmark decision for LGBTQ rights has been achieved in Japan, with the court ruling that not allowing same-sex marriage is unconstitutional. The decision will likely bring in a new era for marriage equality in the country. This is the first time that a Japanese court has ruled on the

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