20 Jan 2021

Guatemala troops, police break up caravan of weary migrants

On Monday night, Guatemalan police confirmed that they, alongside soldiers and other law enforcement, broke up a group of hundreds of migrants who had spent two nights stuck at a roadblock on a rural highway, headed for the US in a caravan. Some migrants allegedly threw rocks at authorities while

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17 Nov 2020

Ethiopia says it has seized another Tigray town as conflict embroils Eritrea

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has provided an update on the ongoing conflict between Ethiopian rebels in the Tigray region and the government forces as the conflict recently spilled over to include Eritrea. Ahmed stated that they had captured another town within the Tigray region in an attempt to fight

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15 Oct 2020

Border Patrol Spent $2 Million On Google Maps For A Massive Surveillance Tool

The US Customs and Border Protection agency has reportedly spent at least $2 million over the past three years on Google mapping software that supports the Automated Targeting System (ATS). ATS is a technology that creates a profile for every person who enters the US and determines the risk they

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14 Oct 2020

U.S. Agents Returned Migrants to Honduras in Unauthorized Operation, Senate Report Says

A newly released US Senate report details an unauthorized operation in which US border agents working in Guatemala detained Honduran migrants seeking refuge in the US and forcibly returned them back to Honduras. The unauthorized operation occurred last January, according to a review by Democrats sitting on the Senate Foreign

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06 Oct 2020

This Company Signed A $13 Million Contract To Supply The Border Patrol’s First Body Cams

The US Customs and Border Protection agency has allegedly signed a $13 million contract that will equip its officers with body cameras. The announcement comes after years of pressure and lawsuits over immigrant deaths and calls on the agency to boost accountability among its forces. The agency has never used

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02 Oct 2020

Honduras caravan heads towards US to escape pandemic-induced poverty

On Wednesday, a caravan containing hundreds of Honduran nationals escaping poverty and seeking to improve their living conditions headed for the US. In Honduras, the COVID-19 virus has killed over 2,000 and paralyzed the economy, according to local media. The migrants consist of mostly young men and women with small

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09 Sep 2020

Fire Destroys Greece’s Moria Camp on Lesbos

A destructive fire originating from an unknown source has destroyed the largest refugee camp in Greece, the overpopulated Moria facility on the small island of Lesbos. Migrants were evacuated amidst the flames, suffering smoke exposure injuries. Law enforcement has blocked off roads leading from the camp into nearby towns to

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28 Jul 2020

China’s Muslim Uighurs Are Stuck in U.S. Immigration Limbo

Hundreds of Chinese Uighurs awaiting asylum in the US are stuck in China. Roughly two years ago, the American public was made aware of Chinese mistreatment towards Uighur Muslims, and the issues have escalated since. China has allegedly been gathering information on the Uighur minority through hacking phones and devices,

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21 May 2020

Greek Police Are Rounding Up Asylum Seekers and Forcing Them Into Turkey, Migrants Say

According to migrants and sources at the forefront of Greece’s immigration crisis, the Greek police have been grouping together asylum seekers living in the country as they await their asylum and expelling them to Turkey by force. Lawyers, human rights activists, and migrants have filed accounts of this occurrence. In

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12 Dec 2019

India passes controversial citizenship bill that excludes Muslims

India’s parliament recently passed a bill that grants Indian citizenship to immigrants from three neighboring countries, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Pakistan, with one exception: they can not be Muslim. The Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) implements a program to fast-track citizenship for religious minorities such as Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, and Christians. 

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