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Almost Half of Afghan Evacuees at U.S. Bases Are Children, Pentagon Says

In a recent letter, the Pentagon disclosed information regarding Afghan evacuees brought into the US. According to the text, roughly half of the 53,000 Afghan evacuees living at military installations are children. The letter underscores a variety of challenges facing officials who are trying to resettle Afghans within the US. This is the first time that the US government and military have provided a breakdown of evacuees.

Furthermore, the letter states that approximately 22% of the evacuees are female adults while 34% are male adults. It remains unclear how many unaccompanied minors are among those resettling in the US. The evacuees are expected to remain at US military installations for months as the group has suffered from a measles scare. In addition, paperwork delays have slowed the process, and the US and experiencing a nationwide housing shortage. Roughly 6,000 Afghans have already settled in American communities across the country.

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