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Suspected migrant boat breaks up off San Diego, killing four

In San Diego, four people have died and two dozen are injured after a boat involved in a suspected smuggling operation broke up on a reef and sank. The boat was severely overcrowded and resulted in roughly 30 passengers fighting for their life in choppy waters. The incident occurred on Sunday morning, and the injured individuals have been transported to a local hospital for further treatment. A major rescue operation was launched on Sunday morning at roughly 10:30 a.m. to rescue two dozen individuals.

Officials stated that the boat captain is currently in custody on suspicion of smuggling. The nationality of the people involved has not yet been confirmed. An investigation into the incident has been launched, according to officials. Rescuers reported that the sea conditions were very tough, consisting of five to six-foot waves, strong wind, and chilly temperatures. The passengers had been given improper safety equipment and were therefore at higher risk when the boat capsized. One passenger remains in critical condition.

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