11 Jan 2022

The Metaverse Needs a Constitution

The U.S. Constitution is the foundation of America, ensuring rights and responsibilities for every American. Today, another new world is being created as we speak: the metaverse. Without some of the same guiding principles, we fear the metaverse will fail as a public, open system and only recreate social media’s

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04 Jan 2022

Artificial intelligence without digital discrimination

As the civil service continues to tackle coronavirus – launching new services, transforming existing ones, and using data to understand this huge and novel threat – machine learning (ML) technologies could prove invaluable. But first, we humans must learn how to avoid the risks inherent in these machines. Deployed intelligently, ML

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14 Dec 2021

How IBM is preparing for a new era of A.I. ethics

For the past six years, Francesca Rossi has led the development of an ethical framework for IBM’s artificial intelligence technology—but she doesn’t like to use the term “ethical A.I.” Sitting at a well-appointed desk in her home office in Mount Kisco, N.Y., a pink orchid bowing over her shoulder, the

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13 Dec 2021

As Meta pushes for the metaverse, it may be a better fit for some, not all

In true technical style, there is no single universally accepted definition of the metaverse. Simply put, the metaverse is a vast network of 3D worlds and simulations rendered in real-time for cooperation and participation. This is not a virtual reality experience or a virtual economy with avatars sticking out, but

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08 Dec 2021

The metaverse could let Silicon Valley track your facial expressions, blood pressure, and your breathing rates — showing exactly why our internet laws need updating

The metaverse is supposedly coming, which means it may need the same thing (some say) as social media: regulation. That’s especially pressing since problems created by social media will likely be amplified in this futuristic virtual landscape — and could drum up issues that are even more monumental if left unchecked. Without

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07 Dec 2021

Artificial intelligence carries a huge upside. But potential harms need to be managed

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have the potential to contribute to the resolution of some of the most intractable problems of our time. Examples include climate change and pandemics. But they have the capacity to cause harm too. And they can, if not used properly, perpetuate historical injustices and structural

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26 Nov 2021

UNESCO member states adopt the first ever global agreement on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

Audrey Azoulay, Director-General of UNESCO presented Thursday the first-ever global standard on the ethics of artificial intelligence adopted by the member states of UNESCO at the General Conference. This historical text defines the common values and principles which will guide the construction of the necessary legal infrastructure to ensure the healthy

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24 Nov 2021

We can’t walk blindly into the Metaverse

In recent weeks, both Mark Zuckerberg and Microsoft’s Satya Nadella announced with great fanfare that the metaverse offers an antidote to the lack of human connection. Perhaps I’m old-fashioned but interacting with others through cartoon avatars is not my idea of establishing meaningful connections. Indeed, avatars with limited emotional expression and

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22 Nov 2021

Mark Zuckerberg’s metaverse could fracture the world as we know it — letting people ‘reality block’ things they disagree with and making polarization even worse

In the metaverse of the future, two people could be walking down the same street and see very different things thanks to the AR glasses they’re wearing. One, who may lean conservative, could “reality block” out aspects they’ve been conditioned to oppose, like a fertility clinic. The other, a liberal, could

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17 Mar 2021

Lawmakers, Experts, Industry Highlight Need for Ethics After Defense Commission Releases Final AI Report

Experts in technology and security have been highlighting a distinct need for ethics regulations to be put in place after the Defense Commission released its final artificial intelligence report. Former undersecretary of defense for policy Michele Flournoy called the National Security Commission on AI’s final report one of the most

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