27 Jul 2018

Cambodia elections: How they serve the purposes of the ruling party

“Last month, Cambodian prime minister Hun Sen made made a strange demand ahead of his country’s general elections on July 29: Rival candidates, he said, must refrain from criticizing the ruling Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) he leads. To outsiders accustomed to politicians relentlessly attacking one another, such a demand is

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25 Jul 2018

The military wants to help secure the midterm elections

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has offered to assist in the securing of the U.S.’s election systems for the upcoming midterm elections in November, according to a tweet from a U.S. senator on the Armed Services Committee. A Pentagon spokesperson has also announced that the DoD continues

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16 Jul 2018

Election tension continue to mount as suicide bomber kills 128 at rally

Tensions in Pakistan continue to climb ahead of its elections on July 25. On Friday, a suicide attack claimed a current total of 128 lives, with the Islamic State claiming responsibility. The attack also killed a provincial assembly candidate, the second electoral candidate killed during the week. On the same

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11 Jul 2018

Half of accounts posting Pakistan election hashtags are “probably bots”

Two months ahead of election time, new transparency measures by Facebook and Twitter have suggested that large amounts of bots are being used to amplify messages, spread misinformation, create artificial consensus, or influence voter turnout. A recent analysis found that 52% of accounts using #PMLN hashtags and 46% of accounts

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02 Jul 2018

Mexico election: historic landslide victory for leftist Amlo

Leftist candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador has won the Mexican presidential election in a landslide victory, collecting over 53% of votes while the second place candidate received around 22%. During his campaign, President Obrador stressed that he would “rule for the poor” while dealing toughly with corruption and decreasing the

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