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European elections ‘face growing threat of manipulation’

“EU governments cannot treat the next year’s European parliamentary elections as ‘business as usual’ given the growing risk of foreign and corporate manipulation, according to the European commission. The scandal over the misuse of Facebook data by Cambridge Analytica and the growing evidence of illegal interference in elections were described by the commission as a ‘wake-up call’ to which national governments had to respond. Věra Jourová, the justice commissioner, told the European parliament that a ‘digital arms race’ was in play and that it could pose a serious threat for free and democratic elections. The commission is urging EU governments to establish a pan-European network to monitor electoral campaigning on social media and rest of the internet. The commission wants the member states to work together to impose rules and regulations governing offline campaigning to be applied to the digital world.”

Source: European elections ‘face growing threat of manipulation’ | Technology | The Guardian

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