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Competing Libyan governments arrive for Italy summit after December election shelved

Nearly 8 eights since NATO-supported rebels overthrew Gadaffi, Libya is roughly split into two political entities. The western portion of the country holds the seat of a government with international recognition but little control over territory, while the east is largely controlled by various armed groups, a rival government, and strongman Khalifa Haftar. The Prime Minister from the western government is currently meeting with Haftar and representatives of the Eastern government in Italy where, together with representatives from western countries, the UN, Russia, and other countries in the region, actors hope to move forward with negotiations. Key issues are elections, migrant movement into Europe (Libya is a major departure point of African migrants en route to Europe by boat). Elections had earlier been scheduled for this December, but little-to-no headway has been made towards them and they will not happen. Different countries have backed various elements in the country, and some have seen the strongman Haftar as an ally against Islamists dominant elsewhere. 

Source: Libya rivals arrive for Italy summit after December election shelved | Reuters

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