05 Jul 2018

Greenpeace crashes Superman-shaped drone into French nuclear plant

Greenpeace activists flew a Superman-shaped drone into the no-fly zone around a French nuclear power plant and crashed it into the walls of a building that house its spent fuel pool, an action the group said served to highlight “the extreme vulnerability of this type of building, which contain the

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03 Jul 2018

Researchers developing shape-transforming drones

Researchers from the University of Tokyo have developed a floating aircraft known as the DRAGON that can fly in a straight, snake-shaped configuration through small spaces, but also transform into shapes capable of carrying loads. The design, while still in its early stages, solves many of the obstacles facing modern drones

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26 Jun 2018

Australia to monitor seas with high-tech drones from the U.S.

Australia has announced the purchase of a fleet of long-range, unmanned drones from the U.S. to support maritime monitoring of illegal fishing, human trafficking, and foreign navy movements. The drones will cover areas extending into the South China Sea, the Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean, and even into the Antarctic. 

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14 Jun 2018

Pentagon suspends purchase and use of commercial drones, citing cybersecurity

The Pentagon has, once again, suspended the purchase and use of commercial drones ‘in order to develop a strategy that assesses and mitigates potential cyber risks of their use.’ The memo also underscored the sufficiency of operations without such commercially-produced drones, writing that ‘military services and combatant commands continue to

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11 Jun 2018

The introduction of AI-integrated drone surveillance programs for local police

Local police now have access to drones and footage analysis software from the same company that currently supplies body cameras, which have already seen widespread integration. Use of this technology, and especially the AI technology driving it, has been heavily criticized by those who question how it will be used

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09 Jun 2018

Uncovering Trump’s drone war policy

“Over three administrations and 16 years, there has been nothing as iconic in the United States’ forever war on terror as the matchstick-with-wings silhouette of the modern drone. Understanding the drone program has never been easy; the covert nature of some of the program, as well as a strong executive

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06 Jun 2018

Drones in the oil and gas industry

Dangerous work environments and materials have contributed to high rates of workplace fatalities in the oil and gas industry, with the industry fatality rate in the US is 7 times greater than average. These are but one of the many problems that drones are increasingly being developed and used to

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