17 Oct 2022

Kyiv attacked by ‘kamikaze drones’, say officials

Russia has carried out a wave of attacks against Ukraine, including with Iranian-made kamikaze drones targeting the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv. The strikes cut off electricity in hundreds of villages across the country by targeting key infrastructure. At least 7 people have died in these strikes fo ar.  Last week,

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28 Sep 2022

Nine dead in Iranian attacks on Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq

Iran has attacked an Iranian-Kurdish opposition group in the Kurdish region of northern Iraq on Wednesday. The missile and drone attacks focused on bases in Koya, and killed nine people while injuring others. Iran’s state-run news agency said Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps ground forces targeted the bases of a separatist

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31 Aug 2022

Taiwan fires live rounds at drones near outlying islands

For the first time, Taiwan has fired warning shots towards drones that have flown over its outlying islands. Taiwan’s defense ministry said that three drones were seen flying back towards the Chinese mainland after the warning shots were fired. ​ Taipei has been complaining in recent weeks of Chinese drones

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12 Jul 2022

Iran plans to supply Russia with drones, US warns

The White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan has said that the US has received information that suggests Iran may be planning to supply Russia with drones for its war in Ukraine, some with combat capabilities. Information also suggests that Iran is preparing to train Russian forces to use these

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27 Apr 2022

DJI temporarily suspends operations in Russia and Ukraine

Earlier this week, Chinese done maker DJI released an announcement stating that it was suspending its operations in Russia and Ukraine as it internally reassesses compliance requirements. DJI also reported that it would be working with its partners and customers regarding the suspension of business. The company stated that it

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26 Apr 2022

The White House wants more powers to crack down on rogue drones

The White House is looking to tighten restrictions on drone usage. Although unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) have become useful for many different endeavors, including research, recreation, and business, they also pose a risk to public safety and privacy. According to the White House, it laid out its plans to give

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31 Dec 2021

What you need to consider about ‘killer robots’ and autonomous weapons research

Autonomous weapon systems—commonly known as killer robots—may have killed human beings for the first time ever last year, according to a recent United Nations Security Council report on the Libyan civil war. History could well identify this as the starting point of the next major arms race, one that has

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24 Nov 2021

November 2021 OODA Network Member Meeting: Cyber Regulatory Bodies, Metaverse Metrics and New Data Boundaries discussed

To help members optimize opportunities and reduce risk, OODA hosts a monthly video call to discuss items of common interest to our membership. These highly collaborative sessions are always a great way for our members to meet and interact with each other while talking about topics like global risks, emerging technologies, cybersecurity, and current or future events impacting their organizations. We also use these sessions to help better focus our research and better understand member needs.

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22 Nov 2021

How US drone pilots are preparing for a fight against enemies who actually could knock them out of action

Unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, have become one of the weapons most closely associated with the global war on terror. Hcundreds of US drones, also known as remotely piloted aircraft, of various types have spent countless hours tracking terrorists and providing US and coalition troops with early warning. Drones have also

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09 Nov 2021

Drone Attack on U.S. Power Grid Failed – This Time

In a recently released Joint Intelligence Bulletin (JIB), U.S. officials revealed that a DJI Mavic 2, a small quadcopter-type drone, was found carrying a copper wire attached to it by nylon cords in what was believed to be an attempted attack on a power substation in Pennsylvania last year, as

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