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The U.S. Military’s Drone Swarm Strategy Just Passed a Key Test

As jamming technology threatens the effectiveness of drone swarms and autonomous vehicle tactics, the U.S. military has moved ahead with new network setups designed to overcome attacks against their communications and GPS systems. Following recent tests, DARPA announced that the drone systems “efficiently shared information, cooperatively planned and allocated mission objectives, made coordinated tactical decisions, and collaboratively reacted to a dynamic, high-threat environment with minimal communication.” The tests stressed the drones ability to collaborate, navigate, hit targets, navigate obstacles, and more, all through short bursts of communications passed over or in spite of jamming technology. Beyond the technological aspect, the tests demonstrate U.S. progress in the delegation of operational movements and minor decisions to smart weapons. 

Source: The U.S. Military’s Drone Swarm Strategy Just Passed a Key Test – Nextgov

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