06 Sep 2018

Russia launches airstrikes in Syria’s rebel-held Idlib

Russian jets struck several targets connected to an al-Qaida affiliated group in the Idlib province of Syria. The targets included a weapons depot and drone launch pad. Russia has stated that they have shot down dozens of hostile drones in the area, suggesting an uptick in their use by these

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05 Sep 2018

House votes to create drone czar at DHS

The U.S. House of Representatives has voted to install a “drone czar,” a senior official tasked with focusing solely on drones and their relationship to national and border security. The Federal Aviation Administration documented 1.9 million drones operating in the U.S. in 2016, a number expected to increase to 4.3

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05 Sep 2018

Shadowy U.S. Drone War in Africa Set to Expand

The U.S. is reducing troops and expanding drone activity in Africa as it begins launching drones from a new remote base in Niger. The Pentagon has underscored that their 800 personnel in Niger are there to train Nigerien forces and armed only in defense of ambushes, one of which resulted

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04 Sep 2018

The US Army is making a laser-powered drone that can fly indefinitely

A US army research branch is developing a drone that is recharged remotely by lasers, potentially enabling endless flight time without the need to land and recharge or refuel.  Source: The US Army is making a laser-powered drone that can fly indefinitely | New Scientist

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29 Aug 2018

What would happen if a drone was sucked into a jet engine?

“With drones being such a widespread piece of aviation technology, they prove to be beneficial to many industries. Despite their potential, drones pose a serious threat to manned aircraft flying throughout the sky because of their small size. This raises the question; what would happen if a drone was sucked

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28 Aug 2018

Drone users breaking laws as burden of proof makes prosecution difficult

“Drone users are breaking laws by flying in restricted areas and over people, but authorities say it can be difficult gathering the evidence to fine them. A brief scan across Instagram reveals numerous drone photos which appear to be shot illegally in Australia. As drone sales increase, so do the

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27 Aug 2018

Russia is apparently putting assault rifles on underwater drones

“A Russian state-owned arms maker reportedly unveiled the world’s first underwater drone armed with an assault rifle that’s designed to defend naval bases from enemy divers and assault teams. ‘The drone is fitted with an underwater assault rifle. It has undergone sea trials,’ Rostec, the company behind the drone’s development,

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22 Aug 2018

Azerbaijan shows off kamikaze drone in military exercises

As part of recent military exercises, Azerbaijan deployed a series of “loitering munitions” that function as a cross between a cruise missile and a landline. These kinds of munitions will likely increase in use and number of the next decade as they are picked up by additional militaries.  Source: Azerbaijan

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14 Aug 2018

Venezuela ‘drone attack’: Maduro would accept FBI help to investigate

“Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has said he would allow US FBI agents into the country to help investigate the alleged assassination attempt against him a week ago. The president said he believed that the people involved had fled to Florida, Peru and Colombia. The US has indicated it will co-operate

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07 Aug 2018

Venezuela Attack Highlights Vulnerability to Drone Assassins

“The drones rigged with high explosives used in a plot targeting Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro highlight the risk of drone-enabled attacks that the U.S. has few tools to prevent. Federal law enforcement and security agencies are prohibited by a variety of laws from using new technologies that can track or

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