20 Apr 2021

Chad’s President Idriss Déby dies after ‘clashes with rebels’

Over the weekend, Chad’s President Idriss Déby dies after sustaining injuries during clashes with rebels in the north of the country. The announcement comes just a day after provisional election results projected his win, which would mark his sixth term in office. The government and parliament have been dissolved as

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01 Apr 2021

Hong Kong court convicts media tycoon Jimmy Lai and other activists over peaceful protest

On Thursday, a Hong Kong court convicted pro-democracy media tycoon Jimmy Lai and eight other prominent activists. The convictions were due to the individuals’ roles in an unauthorized assembly at the peak of the 2019 protests that followed the imposition of new, strict laws on Hong Kong, threatening its autonomy.

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16 Feb 2021

Hong Kong Trial of Nine Pro-Democracy Activists Begins

On Tuesday, nine veteran pro-democracy activists appeared together in court in Hong Kong due to charges related to the organization and participation in mass protests against the national security law imposed on the region in 2019. The trial stands out for the number of defendants facing prosecution and the prominence

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07 Jan 2021

Veteran American Lawyer Detained in Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Crackdown

John Clancey, an American lawyer and human-rights activist, was detained by Hong Kong police on Wednesday, marking the first known US citizen to be apprehended under the city’s restrictive national security law. Clancey is in his 70s and was transported to the offices of the law firm where he worked

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11 Dec 2020

Hong Kong Police Charge Media Mogul Jimmy Lai With Foreign Collusion

Jimmy Lai, a 73-year-old Chinese media mogul who runs a pro-democracy newspaper in Hong Kong, has been charged with foreign collusion. Lai’s charges represent the most high-profile figure charged under the security law imposed on Hong Kong by China to eradicate dissent and pro-democracy ideology. Hong Kong claims that Lai

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28 Oct 2020

Hong Kong teenage activist detained after reportedly planning to claim asylum at US consulate

A teenage Hong Kong activist was arrested near the US consulate before entering to claim asylum, according to local media reports. The young man faces secession charges under the fairly new national security law and was detained on Tuesday. In total, three young adults under the age of 21 were

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28 Oct 2020

Facebook warns of “perception hacks” undermining trust in democracy

On Tuesday, Facebook released a warning stating that threat actors are utilizing social media to claim responsibility for illegitimate “major electoral systems hacks” or are pretending to have otherwise disrupted the 2020 Presidential election process. This is referred to in the advisory as perception hacking, and Facebook states that it

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07 Sep 2020

Nearly 300 arrested in Hong Kong protests over postponed local elections

On Sunday, renewed anti-government protests broke out across Hong Kong amid continued controversy over China’s new national security law imposed in June. The pro-democracy demonstrations were also emboldened by delayed elections, which were set to occur on Sunday. However, the city’s leader decided to postpone the elections until 2021 due

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13 Jul 2020

600,000 vote in Hong Kong opposition primary despite fears of new security law

Up to 600,000 Hong Kong residents took part in a primary election for the city’s democratic opposition over the weekend, which occurs just 10 days after China passed and implemented harsh new security restrictions on the city. This security law was designed to reduce the number of pro-democracy candidates in

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06 Jul 2020

Hong Kong Libraries Pull Books for Review Under China’s Security Law

Books in Hong Kong libraries have been pulled from the shelves following strict new laws imposed on Hong Kong by China. The new national security law for Hong Kong is being used to restrict political discussion and prosecute those who speak out against the government. Several pro-democracy books were pulled

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