04 Jan 2022

Hong Kong activist sentenced to 15 months in prison over unauthorized Tiananmen Square vigil

Chow Hang-tung, a Hong Kong pro-democracy activist, was sentenced to 15 months in prison on Tuesday. Chow allegedly organized an unauthorized vigil to commemorate the victims of the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre. Chow served as the vice charwoman of the now-dissolved Hong Kong Alliance, which has held the same candlelight

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31 Dec 2021

Hong Kong pop star Denise Ho arrested by national security police

Dennis Ho, a canto-pop star and prominent Hong Kong pro-democracy activist was arrested at her home on Wednesday morning. Ho was one of six people arrested by the city’s national security police in an early morning crackdown linked to an online media organization called Stand News. Police forces later confirmed

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29 Dec 2021

Independent Hong Kong news outlet to close after senior staff arrested

One of the last standing pro-democracy media organizations in Hong Kong is shutting down following a police raid in which senior staff were arrested. Seven people were reportedly detained by Hong Kong police for conspiracy to publish seditious publications. The news outlet, Stand News, decided to cease operations immediately following

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13 Dec 2021

Hong Kong tycoon Jimmy Lai and 7 others sentenced to prison over banned Tiananmen vigil

Chinese media tycoon Jimmy Lai has been sentenced to up to 14 months behind bars for his participation in an unauthorized assembly last year to commemorate the Tiananmen Square crackdown. Mr. Lai was sentenced in a Hong Kong court along with seven other pro-democracy figures. Mr. Lai is the founder

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08 Nov 2021

Nicaragua’s President Ortega on Track for Controversial Fourth Term

Nicaragua’s President Danial Ortega has held an overwhelming lead on his way to winning a fourth consecutive term in office. The election has been highly controversial, with both the US and the opposition party claiming it was fraudulent. With 65% of the vote counted, Mr. Ortega has won 75% of

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08 Sep 2021

National security police arrest organizers of Hong Kong’s Tiananmen vigil

Four activists from a Hong Kong pro-democracy group called the Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China were arrested on Wednesday morning after the group failed to comply with a police order that requested information on alleged national security grounds. Police had reportedly sought details concerning

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27 Jul 2021

First person charged under national security law found guilty in Hong Kong

In a landmark ruling, the first person to be charged under the controversial Hong Kong national security law imposed by China has been found guilty. The man, Tong Ying-kit, was charged with inciting secession and terrorism after he rode a motorbike into police while flying a flag calling for the

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26 Jul 2021

Tunisian democracy in crisis after president ousts government

Tunisia is currently facing its biggest threat to democracy in over a decade after President Kais Saied ousted the government and froze the parliament’s activities on Monday. The move has been labelled as a coup by his critics. Saied released a statement on Sunday in which he invoked the constitution

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29 Jun 2021

South African Court Orders Arrest of Ex-President Jacob Zuma for Contempt

On Tuesday, South Africa’s highest court ordered the imprisonment of Jacob Zuma, former South African president. Zuma was indicted for contempt charged after he defied an order to appear before a corruption inquiry examing financial scandals that tainted his tenure as the country’s president from 2009 to 2018. Zuma will

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28 May 2021

Hong Kong: Jimmy Lai jailed again for pro-democracy protests

Jimmy Lai, a pro-democracy media mogul in Hong Kong has been sentenced to 14months in prison for participation in an unauthorized assembly in 2019. Lai will consecutively serve his sentence and his current serving time for participating in other demonstrations that year. Lai will face 20 months in jail.  10

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