13 Apr 2020

Pentagon Supercomputers Puzzle Out How to Safely Airlift COVID-19 Patients

The Defense Department is putting its High-Performance Computing Modernization Program (HPCMP) to use in the COVID-19 pandemic, using the supercomputing capabilities and computation science expertise to make critical decisions regarding the virus. HPCMP is now supporting the efforts of scientists and researchers in several areas, including airlifting COVID-19 patients, vaccine

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19 Mar 2020

Pentagon Seeks Pitches for 5G-Enabled Virtual Reality Projects

The Defense Department revealed that it is collaborating with the National Spectrum Consortium on a project to test applications of 5G wireless technology at several military bases across the US, In December, the agency outlined its goals to publish four separate requests for prototype proposals (RPP) that the consortium’s 300

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13 Feb 2020

Defense Digital Service is Taking Over a Drone and Counter-Drone Development Team

Rogue Squadron, a California based done focused defense Innovation Unit team has been adopted by the Defense Digital Service’s purview, according to a statement released by Defense officials on Wednesday. The agency stated that the group’s transition was executed to scale drone and counter-drone capabilities and expertise across the Defense

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21 Jan 2020

What Do You Think About Artificial Intelligence? The Pentagon’s AI Center Wants to Know.

Officials from the Pentagon’s nascent center devoted to artificial intelligence research stated that they will be funding a study on what people’s perceptions of developing technology is. The center stated that they’ll be particularly interested in the opinions of members of the software engineering, defense, and aerospace communities. A proposed

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02 Jan 2020

The Pentagon Wants AI-Driven Drone Swarms for Search and Rescue Ops

The Defense Department’s central artificial intelligence development effort is planning on building a swarm of AI-equipped drones that can independently track and identify targets. The drone force would primarily be used for search and rescue missions and potentially save lives. The Pentagon’s JAIC issued a request for information recently in

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