21 May 2019

DHS warns of ‘strong concerns’ that Chinese-made drones are stealing data

The US Department of Homeland Security is warning that drones manufactured in China are a “potential risk to an organization’s information,” because they are capable of sending sensitive flight data to servers that may be accessed by the manufacturer as well as by other parties, such as the Chinese government.

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17 May 2019

Supply Chain Attack Hits Best of the Web Website

Earlier this week, a security researcher discovered that threat actors injected keyloggers into the Best of the Web trust seal that has been issued to over a 100 websites. Keyloggers are malware designed to steal user information by recording keystrokes. Often they also have other data stealing capabilities, such as

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16 May 2019

Hackers Inject Magecart Card Skimmer in Forbes’ Subscription Site

Bad Packets Report has uncovered a Magecart campaign targeting the subscription website of Forbes. Magecart is an umbrella term for various criminal groups that attack e-commerce websites with the aim of injecting them with card skimming malware. In this case, the threat actors managed to inject a malicious script into

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09 May 2019

Researchers expose mass credit card stealing campaign

Researchers with Netlab 360 have uncovered a new credit card skimming campaign affecting over 100 e-commerce websites, 6 of which are among the Alexa Top one million websites. For over 5 months, threat actors have been injecting malicious code into legitimate websites, enabling them to steal credit card data such

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03 May 2019

China stealing foreign military technology in race to become world power: Report

The US Department of Defense (DOD) on Thursday released its annual report[pdf] assessing the military power of China. The report states that China continues to pursue economic, foreign policy and security strategies that contribute to the realization of “a powerful and prosperous China that is equipped with a ‘world-class’ military,

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02 May 2019

New Cybersecurity Report Warns CIOs — ‘If You’re Breached Or Hacked, It’s Your Own Fault’

A new 1E and Vanson Bourne survey conducted among IT and cybersecurity executives in the US and the UK highlights the continued failure of many companies to combat cyber threats, despite increasing security awareness and investments. The report shows that six out of ten organizations experienced a breach in the

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02 May 2019

Failed blackmail attempt prompts hackers to leak ocean of data belonging to major companies

Threat actors have leaked over 516GB of data of German IT firm Citycomp after the company refused to comply with a blackmail attempt. The dump includes information on Citycomp enterprise customers including VAG, Ericsson, Leica, MAN, Toshiba, UniCredit, British Telecom, ATOS, Grohe, Hugo Boss, Oracle, SAP, and Porsche. Earlier this

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29 Apr 2019

Malware Makes Itself at Home in Set-Top Boxes

Cybercriminals are taking advantage of the popularity of television set-top boxes known as “Kodi boxes” to distribute malware. Kodi boxes, which provide users with illicit access to premium film, television and other content, are used by around 12 million people. Although the illicit content is presented as “free,” Digital Citizens Alliance

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22 Apr 2019

Hacker dumps thousands of sensitive Mexican embassy documents online

Last week, a hacker using the moniker @0x55Taylor published over 4,800 documents that were obtained from a server of the Mexican embassy in Guatemala. According to the hacker, he had informed Mexican authorities about the vulnerable server, but they had not replied, prompting him to go public. The published records

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19 Apr 2019

FBI suspects Russians hacked ‘at least one’ Florida county, Mueller report says

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Russia’s efforts to interfere in the 2016 US presidential election states that the FBI believes the Russian military intelligence agency (GRU) “gained access to the network of at least one Florida country government” in November of 2016. The GRU allegedly managed this feat by

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