17 Aug 2021

100m T-Mobile Customer Records Purportedly Up for Sale

Security researchers have discovered a dark web seller offering 30 million T-Mobile customers’ Social Security and driver license numbers on an underground web forum. The vendor advertises the collection as a subset of the purported 100 million records contained in stolen databases. The records are being offered for just one

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30 Mar 2021

A Ransomware Gang Is Asking Victims’ Customers To Aid In Extortion Efforts

The Clop ransomware crew is reportedly using a surprising new tactic in which they ask customers of the breached company for extortion help. The sophisticated hacking group has been linked to high-profile hacks, most recently the Accellion File Transfer appliances compromise. Like most other cyber-criminal groups, Clop steals data from

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02 Feb 2021

China Steals Personal Data of 80% of US Adults

According to a report that aired on CBS, the Chinese government may have stolen the personal data of 80% of the adults in the United States. Former Director of the US National Counterintelligence and Security Center Bill Evanina warned the public that the People’s Republic of China is actively working

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21 Dec 2020

China Used Stolen Data to Expose CIA Operatives in Africa and Europe

China may have been leveraging stolen data to identify and expose CIA operatives working in Africa and Europe, threatening the employees’ livelihood and work. In 2013, US intelligence agencies reported a concerning pattern: they began to notice the speed and accuracy of CIA operatives being discovered by Chinese intelligence. China

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12 Nov 2020

Czech Intel Report Targets Russian, Chinese Spies

A recent report published by the Czech Republic’s chief intelligence agency, the Security Information Service (BIS) claims that Russian and Chinese spies have been executing cyberattacks, seeking to steal valuable information. The Czech Republic alleges that the operations pose an imminent threat to their national security. The report also details

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11 Aug 2020

Google Chrome Browser Bug Exposes Billions of Users to Data Theft

A new vulnerability discovered by researchers allows attackers to bypass Content Security Policy protections and steal data from website visitors. The vulnerability lies in Google’s Chromium-based browsers versions 73 through 83 and has since been patched by Chrome in version 84, which was released in July. Through leveraging the vulnerability,

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13 Feb 2020

US Bank Slammed for “Vague and Deceptive” Breach Disclosure

American-based Fifth Third bank has received a lot of criticism for a cryptic breach disclosure letter that was sent to its customers. The letter reportedly contained vague and deceptive language, according to recipients. The company wrote to its customers after discovering a breach in which at least two of its

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13 Jan 2020

Air Travel Cyber-Attacks: New York Airport Hit, Travelex Exchange Held To Ransom

Travelex, a foreign exchange company, was hit by ransomware on New Year’s Eve and later received a hefty ransom request of $3 million. This ransom demand has since doubled to $6 million. If Travelex fails to comply with the ransom demands, sensitive data stolen from the company’s networks will be

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02 Jan 2020

Ransomware Hackers Have Started Leaking City Of Pensacola Data

Earlier this month, the city of Pensacola, Florida, reported a ransomware attack on the city’s network. The group behind the attack, the Maze Group, threatened to release files obtained in the hack if the$1 million ransom was not paid. A few days ago, a 2GB archive containing data that was

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20 Dec 2019

New malware dropper is a “hornet’s nest” of dangerous software

A new malware dropper, dubbed the Legion Loader, has emerged. Deep Instinct researchers discovered the malware, and have since been referring to it as a “hornet’s nest” of malware due to its ability to infect computers and install additional malware on them. Although this is common among droppers, which are

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