17 Nov 2021

Now Iran’s state-backed hackers are turning to ransomware

Microsoft has found that six different Iranian hacker groups are behind new waves of ransomware attacks that have been identified every six to eight weeks since the fall of 2020. The Iranian hackers are allegedly deploying ransomware to disrupt targets or to collect funds. Microsoft stated that the hacking groups

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08 Nov 2021

Cloudflare report highlights devastating DDoS attacks on VoIP services and several ‘record-setting HTTP attacks’

This week, Cloudflare released its Q3 DDoS Attack Trends report. The company found that Q3 witnessed a record-setting number of devastating attacks on VoIP services. Researchers stated that the quarter also included several HTTP DDoS attacks, terabit-strong network-layer attacks, and one of the largest botnets ever deployed. The VoIP attack

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26 Jul 2021

Scammers offer streaming services, giveaways and a fake cyber currency to cash in on the Olympic Games

According to experts at Kaspersky, Olympic-related phishing attacks have popped up in several different forms, including through fake pages offering streaming services, tickets to events that don’t allow spectators, and fake Olympic Games virtual currency. Kaspersky researchers stated that it’s common for cybercriminals to take advantage of popular sports events

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19 Jul 2021

Recent Attacks Lead to Renewed Calls for Banning Ransom Payments

Several recent major cyberattacks have led to new calls for banning ransom payments. The attacks have disrupted businesses, caused supply chain ripples in the US economy, and wreaked havoc on hundreds of companies. Most notably, oil and gas transport network Colonial Pipeline and meat producer JBS USA were attacked within

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12 Jul 2021

Oil & Gas Targeted in Year-Long Cyber-Espionage Campaign

Researchers have discovered a global effort to steal information from international companies in the oil and gas sector. According to experts, the campaign has been underway for more than a year and uses sophisticated social engineering tactics to deliver Agent Tesla and other remote access trojans (RATs). Researchers at Intezer

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30 Jun 2021

Cobalt Strike Usage Explodes Among Cybercrooks

Cobalt strike usage among cybercriminals has increased by 161%, according to researchers at Proofpoint. Cobalt Strike is a legitimate, commercially available tool that is utilized by network penetration testers, however, it is abused by cybercriminals to conduct cyberattacks. Proofpoint tracked the year-over-year increase of the tool by analyzing the number

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16 Jun 2021

Biden, Putin Meet for Tense Talks in Geneva

President Biden met with Russian President Vladimir Putin for a summit in which the US leader is expected to raise concerns over a number of issues ranging from Moscow’s aggression toward Ukraine to alleged cyberattacks against the US. The meeting comes immediately after a NATO summit. Both sides have attempted

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12 May 2021

A Startup With NSA Roots Wants Silently Disarming Cyberattacks on the Wire to Become the Norm

Trinity Cyber acts as a security service that sits on Layer 2 at the gates of the enterprise network. The security service inspects and scrubs incoming and outgoing malicious traffic, and can also lead attackers to believe their exploits are working. Many experts from the NSA were brought into the

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04 May 2021

Suspected Iranian Ransomware Group Targets Israeli Firms

Hackers suspected to have ties to Iran have reportedly targeted multiple Israeli companies with ransomware, representing a new campaign of attacks against the nation. The group calls itself N3tw0rm, or Networm, publishing evidence of different attacks to a dark website where they take responsibility for their hacks. On Sunday, the

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29 Apr 2021

74% of Financial Institutions See Spike in COVID-Related Threats

According to new research conducted by BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, 74% of financial institutions have witnessed a spike in cyber threats. Financial losses have also increased among organizations over the past year, with the average cost totaling $720,000. BAE Systems surveyed 902 organizations in the financial sector to conduct the

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