16 Jun 2021

Biden, Putin Meet for Tense Talks in Geneva

President Biden met with Russian President Vladimir Putin for a summit in which the US leader is expected to raise concerns over a number of issues ranging from Moscow’s aggression toward Ukraine to alleged cyberattacks against the US. The meeting comes immediately after a NATO summit. Both sides have attempted

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12 May 2021

A Startup With NSA Roots Wants Silently Disarming Cyberattacks on the Wire to Become the Norm

Trinity Cyber acts as a security service that sits on Layer 2 at the gates of the enterprise network. The security service inspects and scrubs incoming and outgoing malicious traffic, and can also lead attackers to believe their exploits are working. Many experts from the NSA were brought into the

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04 May 2021

Suspected Iranian Ransomware Group Targets Israeli Firms

Hackers suspected to have ties to Iran have reportedly targeted multiple Israeli companies with ransomware, representing a new campaign of attacks against the nation. The group calls itself N3tw0rm, or Networm, publishing evidence of different attacks to a dark website where they take responsibility for their hacks. On Sunday, the

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29 Apr 2021

74% of Financial Institutions See Spike in COVID-Related Threats

According to new research conducted by BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, 74% of financial institutions have witnessed a spike in cyber threats. Financial losses have also increased among organizations over the past year, with the average cost totaling $720,000. BAE Systems surveyed 902 organizations in the financial sector to conduct the

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21 Apr 2021

Japan Says Chinese Military Likely Behind Cyberattacks

Tokyo police are investigating a series of cyberattacks on roughly 200 Japanese companies and research organizations. Initial investigations point towards a hacking group believed to be linked to the Chinese military, according to a statement made by the Japanese government on Tuesday. Among the list of hacked organizations is the

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16 Apr 2021

US Formally Attributes SolarWinds Attack to Russian Intelligence Agency

Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service, SVR, has been officially blamed for the cyberattack on SolarWinds by the Biden administration. Sanctions against a number of IT security firms that helped enable the attack and other malicious cyber activities have been implemented. Positive Technologies and other smaller IT security firms were placed on

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31 Mar 2021

Ziggy Ransomware Gang Offers Refunds to Victims

The Ziggy ransomware group has joined Fonix, its counterpart, and shuts down, issuing apologies to targets. Ziggy announced in February that they were aiming to get out of the cybercrime business, likely due to the emotional toll and guilt of running a ransomware operation. Ziggy has also announced that they

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30 Mar 2021

A Ransomware Gang Is Asking Victims’ Customers To Aid In Extortion Efforts

The Clop ransomware crew is reportedly using a surprising new tactic in which they ask customers of the breached company for extortion help. The sophisticated hacking group has been linked to high-profile hacks, most recently the Accellion File Transfer appliances compromise. Like most other cyber-criminal groups, Clop steals data from

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29 Mar 2021

US charges close to 500 individuals for COVID-19 fraud, criminal activity

The US Department of Justice has arrested almost 500 individuals for criminal activity relating to the Covid-19 pandemic. Many cybercriminals have been leveraging the pandemic to launch more convincing cyber campaigns such as phishing attacks, capitalizing on widespread public fear. The US government has observed campaigns pushing fraudulent Covid-19 ‘treatments,’

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25 Mar 2021

Rise in Attacks on ICS Computers in Second Half of 2020

According to new research from Kaspersky, attacks on Industrial Control System (ICS) computers went up by .85 percentage points in the second half of 2020. The analysis found that the variety of malware families targeting these devices also increased by a third between the first and second half of 2020.

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