19 Nov 2019

Macy’s Customer Payment Info Stolen in MageCart Data Breach

American department store chain Macy’s announced that they suffered a data breach in October, resulting in customer payment information being exposed. The attack, called a MageCart attack, involves hackers compromising a website and using malicious scripts to steal information submitted when a customer purchases an item. Macy’s was not aware

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06 Nov 2019

Observations From America’s Most Public Cyber Attacks

The conduct of U.S. military cyber operations has significantly shifted—particularly in the last year. The Department of Defense’s newest cyber strategy, issued in September 2018, emphasizes a “persistent engagement” approach that moves the Department from a reactive state into a more proactive, assertive stance against national security threats in the

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01 Jul 2019

Key Biscayne recovering from cyberattack after hackers hit a third city in Florida

On June 23, the village of Key Biscayne became the third Florida city this month to be at the receiving end of a cyberattack. Earlier this month, Riviera Beach paid $600,000 in ransom after it was targeted in a ransomware attack, while Lake City paid threat actors around $500,000 in

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