24 Sep 2018

Britain to create 2,000-strong cyber force to tackle Russia threat

“Britain is significantly increasing its ability to wage war in cyberspace with the creation of a new offensive cyber force of up to 2,000 personnel…The new force which is expected to be announced soon would represent a near four-fold increase in manpower focused on offensive cyber operations…The plan by the

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24 Sep 2018

Survey: Hackers acknowledge Windows flaws but prefer social engineering tricks

According to a recent survey by network security firm Thycotic, 60% of respondents answered that social engineering was the fastest way to compromise users,” even as 50% of surveyed Black Hat conference attendees answered that they had compromised Windows 8 and 10 systems in the past year. According to the

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04 Sep 2018

One in five employees share their email password with co-workers

“Negligent employees remain the number one cause of data breaches at small businesses across America. So why do small businesses continue to struggle with good cyber security practices and what can they do to correct those habits? Small to medium-sized businesses are hit with nearly 4,000 cyber attacks per day

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28 Aug 2018

New document lays out American military’s early cyber struggles

“Cyber leaders at the Department of Defense in 2014 were struggling with staff shortages, blurry lines of authority and a lack of resources, according to a Pentagon report obtained by Fifth Domain. The 54-page document, written by the Inspector General’s office in Dec. 2014, was obtained through a Freedom of

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14 Aug 2018

Experts question the benefit of proliferating cybersecurity offices

A long series of state agencies and departments have been founded to secure U.S. programs, assets, and operations, but some experts are arguing that this has generated more confusion than security as the government has not worked to coordinate private sector capabilities. Problems of information sharing and overlapping agendas have

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18 Jul 2018

If Your Weapons Aren’t Cyber-Hardened, Expect to Lose Pentagon Contracts

The Pentagon will begin in-house assessments of its weapons’ cyber protections, rather than relying on manufacturer assessments. Companies are currently responsible for conducting their own assessments and confirming whether their products meet the relevant cybersecurity standards. A number of failures in this process has pushed the Pentagon to move forward

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17 Jul 2018

Putin: 25 million cyberattacks thwarted during World Cup

Speaking at a meeting with representatives from 55 intelligence units across 34 countries, Putin announced that the broad coalition of cyber forces thwarted almost 25 million cyber attacks connected to the World Cup. Most of the attacks targeted the “information infrastructure” connected to the tournament, but Putin did not provide

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12 Jul 2018

Details on an Air Force drone? $200 on the dark web

The appearance of sensitive documents detailing UAV plans and a variety of army manuals have highlighted ongoing cyber-related difficulties within the U.S. military. The plans were accessed through a router vulnerability that had been disclosed two years previously, through the computer of a Air Force captain would have completed a

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03 Jul 2018

US “best in the world” for offensive cyber capabilities, “most vulnerable in world” on defense

The former director for cyber security policy in the Obama White House said that, while the U.S. is the “best in the world on offense,” it is the U.S. the most vulnerable country in the world to cyber attacks. The vulnerabilities are both political and technical, due to its democratic

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14 Jun 2018

Spending the $380 million in election security

Working to prevent situations similar to Russian involvement in the 2016 election, inspectors from the Department of Homeland Security have assessed the cybersecurity measures being taken at the state and local election systems levels. Most of the measures are standard procedures, including improved software update schedules, the training of election

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