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Perspecta Labs Wins $14.5m Autonomous Cyber-Defense Contract

Perspecta Labs, which is the research arm of Perspecta Inc., has recently been awarded a significant defensive cyber-contract that is potentially worth $14.5 million. The contract was awarded to the company by the US Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (CCDC), as well as two similar entities. The contract was considered extremely lucrative.

Perspecta Labs will now work with the government and military on the Autonomous Defensive Cyber Operations program, aiming to create cyber-capabilities for the US Army that boast qualities such as being adaptable, secure, and resilient. Another key feature of the cyber solution that Perspecta Labs has been hired to create is the ability to configure and deploy the solution. The Lab will research, design, develop, demonstrate, and deliver a machine learning for defensive cyber-operations solution that can detect new vulnerabilities, attacks, and malware.

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