02 Jun 2022

Cloud computing security: Five things you are probably doing wrong

Cloud applications and software have become a key part of everyday life for employees and businesses, but simple errors can make your cloud an easy target for hackers. The popularity of cloud applications and software has risen significantly in recent years. But while using cloud services can be beneficial for

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01 Feb 2021

Cloud Security Startup Armo Emerges from Stealth with $4.5M

With $4.5 million in funding and a mission to strengthen security for the cloud, Armo’s platform emerged from stealth. According to Armo, the increased reliance on Kubernetes as the container orchestration platform with cloud technologies gives limited visibility and security for cloud-native platforms.  Armo utilizes a Workload Fabric Tool aimed

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31 Oct 2019

Why cloud apps could be your biggest security worry

A new report by Securonix shows that about one in four organizations suffered more than 5 insider attacks in the last 12 months, and 70% believe that these attacks are increasingly common. According 4 in 10 infosec pros, cloud storage is more vulnerable to insider threats than any other element

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28 Oct 2019

IaaS cloud vulnerabilities expected to increase 50% over 2018 figures

New research Skybox shows that vulnerabilities impacting cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solutions are rising rapidly. While the total number of flaws is still quite small, the expected growth rate for 2019 is 50%, while cloud container flaws have already surged by 82% so far this year. The most

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24 Oct 2019

AWS hit by major DDoS attack

Amazon Web Services (AWS) suffered a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack on Wednesday that disrupted the firm’s Router 53 DNS web service for about eight hours on end. Some other services were affected as well. While AWS offers a custom DDoS mitigation service, Amazon’s cloud computing subsidiary admitted that the attack

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08 Oct 2019

Global Study Finds Orgs Are Failing to Protect Data in the Cloud

As companies increasingly migrate to the cloud, many of them are putting their data at risk by failing to understand the extent to which they are responsible for the security of their cloud environment, new research by Thales and the Ponemon Institute found. Currently 48% of corporate data is already

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25 Sep 2019

99% of misconfiguration incidents in the cloud go unnoticed

A new report by McAfee shows that even though data leaks and breaches as a result of misconfigured cloud environments are a growing problem, 99% of infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) misfonfigurations still go unnoticed. Rajiv Gupta of McAfee explains that “in the rush toward IaaS adoption, many organizations overlook the shared responsibility

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10 Sep 2019

70% of educational orgs don’t have an appropriate cloud security budget

A new report by Netwrix shows that even though one in three educational organizations suffered a cloud breach last year, only 12% increased their security budgets this year. According to IT professionals, 7 in 10 organizations in the education sector have insufficient budgets for securing their cloud environments, and virtually

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04 Sep 2019

Multicloud Businesses Face Higher Breach Risk

A new Nominet survey conducted among cybersecurity executives and professionals indicates that the use of multicloud environments creates more risks for organizations than the adoption of hybrid or single-cloud solutions. More than half (52%) of multicloud environments were breached in the past year, while this was true for only 24%

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27 Aug 2019

Growing cloud adoption introduces visibility gaps and security complications

Nearly half (48%) of organizations say they don’t have sufficient visibility into the data they process, which can put these organizations at risk of sophisticated attacks according to a new SANS Institute survey. The study also highlights several common issues that prevent companies from protecting themselves against advanced threats, including

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