08 Oct 2019

Global Study Finds Orgs Are Failing to Protect Data in the Cloud

As companies increasingly migrate to the cloud, many of them are putting their data at risk by failing to understand the extent to which they are responsible for the security of their cloud environment, new research by Thales and the Ponemon Institute found. Currently 48% of corporate data is already

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25 Sep 2019

99% of misconfiguration incidents in the cloud go unnoticed

A new report by McAfee shows that even though data leaks and breaches as a result of misconfigured cloud environments are a growing problem, 99% of infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) misfonfigurations still go unnoticed. Rajiv Gupta of McAfee explains that “in the rush toward IaaS adoption, many organizations overlook the shared responsibility

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10 Sep 2019

70% of educational orgs don’t have an appropriate cloud security budget

A new report by Netwrix shows that even though one in three educational organizations suffered a cloud breach last year, only 12% increased their security budgets this year. According to IT professionals, 7 in 10 organizations in the education sector have insufficient budgets for securing their cloud environments, and virtually

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04 Sep 2019

Multicloud Businesses Face Higher Breach Risk

A new Nominet survey conducted among cybersecurity executives and professionals indicates that the use of multicloud environments creates more risks for organizations than the adoption of hybrid or single-cloud solutions. More than half (52%) of multicloud environments were breached in the past year, while this was true for only 24%

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27 Aug 2019

Growing cloud adoption introduces visibility gaps and security complications

Nearly half (48%) of organizations say they don’t have sufficient visibility into the data they process, which can put these organizations at risk of sophisticated attacks according to a new SANS Institute survey. The study also highlights several common issues that prevent companies from protecting themselves against advanced threats, including

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23 Aug 2019

Cyber attackers exploiting poor cloud security

A new report by Outpost24 indicates that even though 42% of organizations are worried about cloud security, many are not doing enough to protect their cloud environment. For example, 11% of firms never perform cloud security tests and 19% do so only once a year. This is worrisome, for cyberattacks

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08 Aug 2019

Vectra: Ransomware attacks are spreading to cloud, datacenter, and enterprise infrastructure

  An extensive report on ransomware by Vectra highlights how ransomware actors turn compromised networks into their most powerful weapon during an attack, as it allows them to encrypt shared documents on network servers, including those stored in the cloud. Threat actors use this tactic to target firms like cloud

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07 Aug 2019

How to prevent the top 11 threats in cloud computing

The Cloud Security Alliance has released a new report listing the latest threats related to cloud computing that impact strategies for could adoption in businesses.   The top 11 new threats for cloud environments are: 1. Data breaches 2. Misconfiguration 3. Lack of security architecture and strategy 4. Poor access

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18 Jul 2019

93% of Orgs Worry About Cloud Security

Two recent studies shed light on cloud security. Independents reports by Bitglass and Synopsys both show that 93% of companies are worried about security in the cloud. Bitglass found that the most common cloud security concerns relate to access control (52%) and anti-malware (46%). However, “the adoption rates of basic

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11 Jul 2019

Industry Insight: Checking Up on Healthcare Security

New research by the Ponemon Institute and Censinet shines the spotlight on third-party risk in the healthcare industry. According to the report, the majority (56%) of healthcare organizations were at the receiving end of a data breach caused by one or multiple third-party vendors, costing the industry a total of

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