08 Aug 2019

Vectra: Ransomware attacks are spreading to cloud, datacenter, and enterprise infrastructure

  An extensive report on ransomware by Vectra highlights how ransomware actors turn compromised networks into their most powerful weapon during an attack, as it allows them to encrypt shared documents on network servers, including those stored in the cloud. Threat actors use this tactic to target firms like cloud

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07 Aug 2019

How to prevent the top 11 threats in cloud computing

The Cloud Security Alliance has released a new report listing the latest threats related to cloud computing that impact strategies for could adoption in businesses.   The top 11 new threats for cloud environments are: 1. Data breaches 2. Misconfiguration 3. Lack of security architecture and strategy 4. Poor access

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18 Jul 2019

93% of Orgs Worry About Cloud Security

Two recent studies shed light on cloud security. Independents reports by Bitglass and Synopsys both show that 93% of companies are worried about security in the cloud. Bitglass found that the most common cloud security concerns relate to access control (52%) and anti-malware (46%). However, “the adoption rates of basic

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11 Jul 2019

Industry Insight: Checking Up on Healthcare Security

New research by the Ponemon Institute and Censinet shines the spotlight on third-party risk in the healthcare industry. According to the report, the majority (56%) of healthcare organizations were at the receiving end of a data breach caused by one or multiple third-party vendors, costing the industry a total of

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11 Jul 2019

Magecart compromised 17,000+ sites through unsecured Amazon S3 buckets

Threat actors are taking advantage of misconfigured Amazon S3 cloud storage buckets as part of Magecart campaigns, RiskIQ research shows. Magecart is an umbrella term for various criminal groups that attack web shops with the aim of injecting them with card skimming malware. In addition to targeting websites directly, Magecart

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10 Jul 2019

“Cloud Apps Make Us Targets” Say 49% of Companies

IT decision makers believe the most likely reasons their organization may suffer a cyberattack are insecure infrastructure including Internet-of-things (IoT) devices (54%), web portals (50%) and cloud applications (49%), a recent survey by Thales found. The research also indicates that companies are increasingly recognizing the importance of a CISO. In

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01 Jul 2019

What is and what is not working for security operations teams in securing cloud data

A new report by Delta Risk sheds light on the challenges faced by companies as part of their efforts to migrate IT operations to the cloud. The survey highlights data loss and leakage (64%) as the top cloud security concern for organizations and shows that a majority of companies (54%)

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28 Jun 2019

Over reliance on public cloud vendor security puts data and companies at risk of breach

In line with previous research, a new CyberArk study found that many organizations overstate the security benefits of moving assets to the cloud. The survey found that 36% of firms believe the top benefit of cloud adoption is offloading security risk. The main security concerns companies have when it comes

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19 Jun 2019

Only Quarter of IaaS Users Can Audit Config Settings

A new McAfee report shows that moving to the cloud often has security benefits for organizations, but there are some major drawbacks as well. According to the survey, 87% of organizations “experience business acceleration” due to their adoption of cloud services and a majority (52%) also saw their security improve

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29 Apr 2019

Security Pros Feel Aligned with Board, Still Fear a Phish

A recent report[pdf] by AT&T Cybersecurity shows that an increasing number of security professionals feel they are on the same page with the stakeholders, although the situation at larger organizations tends to be more harmonious than at small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs). Over a quarter (26%) of securty experts at

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