01 Dec 2021

Clearview AI to be Fined $22.6m for Breaching UK Data Protection Laws

US-based facial recognition company Clearview AI will likely be fined roughly $22.6 million for serious breaches of the UK’s data protection laws. The penalty was announced yesterday by the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). ICO issued a provisional notice to Clearview that it must stop processing personal data taken from

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03 Nov 2021

Clearview AI slammed for breaching Australians’ privacy on numerous fronts

Australia’s Information Commissioner (OAIC) determined that Clearview AI breached Australia’s privacy laws on numerous fronts. The Information Commissioner launched a bilateral investigation into the company’s practices and discovered that Clearview’s facial recognition tool collected Australians’ sensitive information without obtaining consent and through unfair means. The UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)

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04 Feb 2021

Clearview Facial-Recognition Technology Ruled Illegal in Canada

This week, Canadian authorities ruled that the use of facial recognition technology from Clearview is prohibited due to violations of federal and provincial privacy laws. Clearview has received backlash from the security industry for its controversial practice of harvesting faceprints from the internet and selling them. The company could feel

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19 Nov 2020

LAPD Bans Facial Recognition, Citing Privacy Concerns

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) has banned the use of commercial facial recognition services, citing privacy and public trust considerations after an expose showed that Clearview AI used the technology 475 times during the trial period alone. The report proved that 25 employees of the department utilized Clearview AI

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17 Aug 2020

Controversial facial recognition tech firm Clearview AI inks deal with ICE

The US Department of Homeland Security and Clearview AI has signed a contract to allow the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency access to its technology, which has been highly controversial over the past few years. Clearview AI has received criticism for its development of facial recognition technology used by law

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09 Jul 2020

UK and Australian Information Commissioners to investigate Clearview AI

Today, the UK Information Commissioner’s Office and the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) announced that they planned to team up in an investigation into Clearview AI, following the lead of several other entities suspicious of the biometric software’s data storage practices. Earlier this year, the OAIC demanded answers

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01 Jun 2020

ACLU Sues Clearview AI Over Faceprint Collection and Sale

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has sued Clearview AI, a New-York based biometrics startup, for their collection of facial identification data on billions of people and selling it to third parties without their consent or knowledge. The group filed the lawsuit on the behalf of a number of organizations

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05 May 2020

Senator Wants Details on Clearview AI’s Contact Tracing Pitches

Over the past few months, Clearview AI has faced scrutiny over privacy and anonymity in its practices. The facial recognition startup stirred concerns over its practices in supplying biometric surveillance tools to law enforcement. The company is now allegedly marketing its technology to the government as a COVID-19 tracking tool

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27 Feb 2020

Data breach exposes Clearview AI client list

Clearview AI is a United States-based company that develops facial recognition technology. The startup’s technology is deployed by hundreds of law enforcement agencies in the US for various different programs and uses. Yesterday, the company confirmed that they had suffered from a data breach that exposed their customer list, the

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25 Feb 2020

Canada Privacy Watchdog Probes Facial Recognition Startup

Last Friday, Canada’s privacy watchdog agency announced that it was conducting an investigation into US-based company Clearview for its use of AI and machine learning to match images of unknown faces to photos mined from millions of websites and social media networks. The Office of the Privacy Commissioner stated that

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