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Data breach exposes Clearview AI client list

Clearview AI is a United States-based company that develops facial recognition technology. The startup’s technology is deployed by hundreds of law enforcement agencies in the US for various different programs and uses. Yesterday, the company confirmed that they had suffered from a data breach that exposed their customer list, the number of accounts each customer has and the number of searches those customers have made.

Clearview AI sent a notification to its customers disclosing the breach. The CEO of Clearview AI stated that security remains a top priority for the company, acknowledging that data breaches are “a part of life in the 21st century.” Clearview AI stated that their servers were never accessed and that they are continuing to strengthen their security after the breach. The company allegedly has a database of 3 billion photos that it has collected from the internet and social media platforms, many of which have asked thec company to cease collecting photos from their sites.

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