20 Oct 2022

FTX Chief Shares Solution to End Crypto Hacking

Over the last few months, crypto hacking has turned rampant, especially in the decentralized finance (DeFi) market. This month itself, more than $750 million have been already lost in crypto hacks as per data from Chainalysis. Crypto billionaire and FTX chief Sam Bankman-Fried have recently outlined a framework to deal with

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30 Sep 2022

Ethereum Scaling Solution Aurora Pays $2 Million Bug Bounty to Hackers

Aurora, an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible scaling and bridge solution built on top of the NEAR Protocol blockchain network, has completed the payment of a $2 million bug bounty to a pair of whitehat hackers that reported vulnerabilities on the platform back in June. According to a blog post written

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21 Sep 2022

Arbitrum Rewards Hacker With 400 ETH For Detecting a Critical $400M Vulnerability

On September 19, Arbitrum, one of the most popular Layer 2 solutions for Ethereum, paid 400 ETH (about $560,000) to a white hat hacker who found a potential vulnerability in its code. The white hat hacker, known on Twitter as Riptide, finds vulnerabilities within smart contracts written in Solidity. Riptide said

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01 Sep 2022

Google’s new bug bounty program targets open-source vulnerabilities

On Tuesday, tech giant Google announced that it is launching its own bug bounty program that will focus specifically on detecting flaws in open-source software. According to Google, payouts will be anywhere from $100 to upwards of $31,000. The program is titled the Open Source Software Vulnerability Rewards Program. The

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05 Aug 2022

Hacked crypto startup Nomad offers a 10% bounty for return of funds after $190 million attack

Crypto company Nomad said it’s offering hackers a bounty of up to 10% to retrieve user funds after losing nearly $200 million in a devastating security exploit. Nomad pleaded with the thieves to return any funds to its crypto wallet. In a statement late Thursday, the company said it has so

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01 Jul 2022

LockBit ransomware gang promises bounty payment for personal data

The LockBit cybercrime group has launched a bug bounty program that promises money to people willing to share sensitive data that is exploitable in ransomware attacks. LockBit 3.0 is released, with it coming the bounty program. The bug bounty program promises $1,000 to $1 million in rewards for leaking personal

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09 Jun 2022

Aurora pays $6M bug bounty to ethical security hacker through Immunefi

On Tuesday, Ethereum (ETH) bridging and scaling solution Aurora announced it had paid out a $6 million bounty to ethical security hacker pwning.eth, who discovered a critical vulnerability in the Aurora Engine. The exploit allegedly placed over $200 million worth of capital at risk. The sum was paid in collaboration

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03 May 2022

Google Offers $1.5M Bug Bounty for Android 13 Beta

Google has expanded its bug-bounty program to include $1.5 million for a lucrative Android 13 Beta exploit that targets the Titan M security chip that is included with Pixel phones. Google has promised an outsize to focus on security and privacy, indicated by the bounty increase. In addition to the

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01 Feb 2022

Apple Pays $100.5K Bug Bounty for Mac Webcam Hack

An Apple cybersecurity researcher named Ryan Pickren discovered a bug that could allow attackers to gain unauthorized camera access through shared iCloud documents. In addition, the hacker would be able to access the target’s browser history. Pickren showed Apple how its webcams can be hijacked via the bug, which is

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31 Jan 2022

Crypto Finance Firm Offers $2m Bug Bounty to Hackers

Qubit Finance confirmed last week that an attacker had successfully exploited a vulnerability in its QBridge deposit function, managing to steal a large amount of Ethereum. The attacker was then able to convert the Ethereum into Binance coins with a value of tens of millions of dollars. The decentralized lending

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