21 Apr 2021

Putin Warns Against Crossing Russia’s ‘Red Line’ Amid Military Buildup Near Ukraine

President Vladimir Putin stated on Wednesday that Moscow will not tolerate any foreign threats amid concerns over a huge Russian military buildup at the border with Ukraine. The buildup has prompted fears of an invasion as the country elevates its capabilities at military bases, seemingly priming for military conflict. The

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11 Sep 2020

India and China to ‘quickly disengage’ from border standoff

After months of contention over the border between India and China located in a mountain range in which minor conflict has occurred, the two countries have agreed to disengage from a standoff that is currently ongoing and included gunfire. On Thursday, foreign ministers from both countries met to negotiate the

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09 Jun 2020

The border spat between India and China is turning into an all-out media war

Renewed minor physical conflict at the border between India and China has turned into a media war, with both countries continually bashing the other. Tensions have been escalating in the Himalayas, and Beijing and New Dehli both claim that the other has overstepped the Line of Actual Contol separating the

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03 Jun 2020

Italy opens borders ahead of neighbors, beckoning tourists

On Wednesday, Italy re-opened regional and international borders, representing the country’s progression into the final phase of its COVID-19 lockdown initiatives.  Italy is the first European country to open international borders fully, ending the mandatory 14-day quarantine requirement for travelers. The move has drawn criticism for being premature, while others

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