05 Dec 2022

Medibank hackers reportedly release all data on dark web

The hackers behind an attack on Medibank have released data allegedly stolen during the attack onto the dark web. The group claims that the files contain data belonging to 9.7 million customers. Medibank has confirmed that a total of six files of data were published, however, the data they contain

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15 Nov 2022

Australia Considers Ban on Ransomware Payments After Medibank Breach

Over the weekend, the Australian government announced that it is considering banning ransomware payments due to the Medibank data breach that impacted thousands of Australians. According to the Australian Federal Police, the cyberattack against Medibank has been linked to Russian cyber-criminals who may have an affiliation with the REvil cyber

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08 Nov 2022

Medibank Confirms Data Breach Impacts 9.7 Million Customers

Medibank, an Australian health insurer, has confirmed that it suffered from a cyberattack that impacted the personal details of roughly 9.7 million customers. The attack was first identified in mid October. The health insurer stated that the threat actor behind the attack was not able to deploy ransomware, but they

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01 Nov 2022

Hackers Target Australian Defense Communications Platform With Ransomware

Threat actors have launched a ransomware attack targeting a communications platform that is used by Australian military personnel. The platform, ForceNet, is one of the company’s external service providers and is also tasked with runnning one of its websites. Assistant Minister for Defence Matt Thistlethwaite stated that it does not

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31 Oct 2022

Ransomware hackers hit Australian defence communications platform

Hackers have targeted a communications platform used by Australian military personnel and defence staff with a ransomware attack, authorities said on Monday, as the country battles a recent spike in cyberattacks across businesses. The ForceNet service, one of the external providers that the defence department contracts to run one of

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27 Oct 2022

Australia seeks stiffer penalty for data breaches amidst spate of security incidents

Australia is seeking bigger penalties for serious or repeated data privacy breaches. The penalties could be raised as high as $31.57 million from $1.4 million. The announcement comes as Australia has faced a series of cybersecurity incidents that have had serious consequences across the country, such as a recent attack

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19 Oct 2022

Wine Merchant Among Aussie Firms Breached, Exposing Millions

Australian wine retailer Vinomofo has been confirmed as the latest business to have been targeted by hackers. Reports suggest that the attack may have exposed as many as half a million customers. Security expert Troy Hunt released a letter to customers who may have been impacted, stating that a wide

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05 Oct 2022

Optus Confirms Hack Exposed Data of Nearly 2.1 Million Australians

Australian telecom giant Optus has released more details concerning a cyberattack that it suffered earlier this month. In an announcement made on Monday, the company confirmed that nearly 2.1 million of its customers were impacted during the attack. These customers suffered from a leak of their personal information. Optus has

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27 Sep 2022

Australian Police Probe Purported Hacker’s Ransom Demand

Australian police are reportedly investigating claims that a hacker released the stolen data of roughly 10,000 Optus customers. In addition, the hacker reportedly demanded $1 million ransom in cryptocurrency to not leak the data. Optus is a telecommunications company and the nation’s second-largest wireless carrier. The data breach allegedly occurred

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21 Sep 2022

Asic bolsters its cryptocurrency team and looks to regulate more digital assets

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission has bolstered it cryptocurrency team as it looks to regulate more digital assets by classifying them as financial products, a move that would make selling them to Australians more difficult. Asic has yet to decide whether to classify Ethereum, the second most popular cryptocurrency after

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