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Medibank hackers reportedly release all data on dark web

The hackers behind an attack on Medibank have released data allegedly stolen during the attack onto the dark web. The group claims that the files contain data belonging to 9.7 million customers. Medibank has confirmed that a total of six files of data were published, however, the data they contain has not been fully analyzed. An initial investigation found that the files likely contain personal customer information that was compromised in the breach. The security incident was first announced in October and affected authorized representatives and former customers. Additionally, 1.8 international customers were impacted.

The hackers behind the data breach initially demanded a ransom payment in exchange for keeping the data off of the dark web. However, Medibank stated that it wold not pay any ransom, and it appears as though the company upheld this statement as the data has been released. Medibank confirmed that there is no indication that financial or banking details had been compromised. Although the exact nature of the data is unknown, it has been deemed insufficient to facilitate identity or financial fraud.

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