06 May 2021

How the USPS is deploying AI to help track 7.3B packages a year

The US Postal Service (USPS) has created and deployed a massive operation using artificial intelligence to help track over 7.3 billion packages a year. On average, 20 million packages travel through the USPS system every day, making lost packages difficult to recover. However, through a new Nvidia powered AI program,

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03 May 2021

Renewable Energy Alone Can’t Address Data Centers’ Adverse Environmental Impact

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the world saw a 6% decline in energy-related carbon dioxide emissions as people stopped traveling, commuting to work, and driving in general. However, emissions are already returning to pre-pandemic levels as countries begin to re-open and end lockdown measures. Climate change will still likely have devastating

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29 Apr 2021

How Verge Genomics Uses AI To Tackle Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s And ALS

Verge Genomics is seeking to speed drug discovery for neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and ALS. However, rather than testing on animals, Verge Genomics takes a different approach, combining artificial intelligence with human genomics. Human brains are far more complex than animal brains, creating limitations to drug testing on

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28 Apr 2021

General Motors Licenses Neural Network Tech from National Lab

General Motors has allegedly poised itself to tap into a new artificial intelligence software system created at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), seeking to advance its driver assistance systems technology and produce futuristic automotive designs. The automaker has also become the first entity to commercially license the Multinode Evolutionary Neural

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26 Apr 2021

Study Shines a Light on Big Tech’s AI Investments

A study released earlier this week indicates that leading private sector tech companies’ investments in artificial intelligence do not ensure that the field will remain competitive. The study was conducted by the Center for Security and Emerging Technology, aiming to map the research agendas of tech giants Apple, Amazon, Facebook,

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19 Apr 2021

Europe seeks to limit use of AI in society

The EU has brought forth new proposals that regulate the usage of artificial intelligence, facial recognition for surveillance, or algorithms that manipulate human behavior. The wide-ranging proposals were leaked ahead of their official publication. The proposal has been criticized for its identification of high-risk AI, but also praised for its

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16 Apr 2021

How State’s Disinformation-Fighting Arm Uses Artificial Intelligence

The State Department’s Global Engagement Center is utilizing artificial intelligence to counter state-sponsored propaganda and disinformation campaigns in other countries that are aimed at undermining the US. Artificial intelligence is incredibly useful to these efforts, according to the center’s Acting Coordinator Daniel Kimmage, and can be used to identify coordinated

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29 Mar 2021

DARPA Seeks to Improve Computer Vision in ‘Third Wave’ of AI Research

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is looking to be a leader in the third wave of artificial intelligence innovation, seeking new methods of visually tracking objects while utilizing less power. DARPA also wants to increase the accuracy of the results. DARPA, the military’s primary advanced research organization, was

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24 Mar 2021

DARPA to test AI-controlled jets in live-fly dogfights after successful simulations

DARPA has come closer to launching AI fighter jets after recently testing two algorithms in successful two-on-one aerial combat situations. The military research agency’s algorithms tested how two different AI algorithms implemented in fighter jets would work as a team after experimenting with one-on-one fights. The battle consisted of two

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23 Mar 2021

FDA authorizes first AI-powered armband for COVID-19 screening

The first artificial intelligence-powered device for Covid-19 monitoring has been authorized by the Federal Drug Administration. The device uses machine learning, AI, light sensors, and other technology to sense blood flow and ensure that Covid-19 patients are at risk for blood clotting. The device was created by Tiger Tech Solutions

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