21 Sep 2021

AI Can Write Code Like Humans—Bugs and All

Some software developers are now letting artificial intelligence help write their code. They’re finding that AI is just as flawed as humans. Last June, GitHub, a subsidiary of Microsoft that provides tools for hosting and collaborating on code, released a beta version of a program that uses AI to assist programmers.

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15 Sep 2021

The Future of War, Information, AI Systems and Intelligence Analysis

The U.S. is in a struggle to maintain its dominance in air, land, sea, space, and cyberspace over countries with capabilities increasingly on par in all domains with that of the U.S.  In addition, information (in all its forms) is the center of gravity of a broad set of challenges faced by the United States. Information, then, is the clear strategic vector of value creation for the emergence of applied technologies to enable operational innovation. For the U.S., the desired outcome is continued dominance for another American Century.  For the Chinese, military capabilities usher in the dawn of a new technological superiority and, as a result, geopolitical and military dominance on the world stage.

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17 Aug 2021

DOJ to Consider Expanding Use of AI Prisoner Monitoring Tech

The Department of Justice is investigating whether artificial intelligence monitoring could be used as a valuable tool to prevent suicide and crime within US prisons. A House of Representatives panel has requested that a study be conducted on the use of AI to analyze prisoners’ phone calls and pick up

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11 Aug 2021

NIST Prioritizes External Input in Development of AI Risk Management Framework

According to new reports, National Institute of Standards and Technology officials are seeking the insights of a range of different technology industry players as they work on drafting Congressionally-directed guidance that would aim to promote the responsible and safe usage of artificial intelligence technologies. The framework is aimed at building

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10 Aug 2021

Artificial Intelligence may diagnose dementia in a day

Scientists are currently exploring whether an artificial intelligence system may be capable of diagnosing demetia after just one brain scan. The AI machine could also predict whether the condition of the patient will remain stable for years, need immediate treatment, or slowly deteriorate. It currently takes several scans and tests

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06 Aug 2021

NSF Adds 11 New AI Research Institutes to Its Collaborative, Nationwide Network

The National Science Foundation announced earlier this week that it has officially extended the reach of its National Artificial Intelligence Research Institutes. According to the statement, the foundation added 11 new institutes where officials will collaborate to pursue AI research in complex areas such as augmented learning, precision agriculture, cybersecurity,

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02 Aug 2021

Algorithm Could Improve How Self-Driving Cars Take on Narrow Streets

Researchers have allegedly developed a new algorithm that could help self-driving cars navigate narrow and crowded streets. Drivers are able to complete this task, however, not always without close calls and frustration. This means that programming an autonomous vehicle to do the same without a human driver or knowledge of

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19 Jul 2021

Anthony Bourdain documentary sparks backlash for using AI to fake voice

A recently released documentary pertaining to the late Anthony Bourdain and his life has sparked a debate over the film’s use of artificial intelligence. The AI was used to stitch together voices quotes by the late celebrity and bring his voice back to life for the documentary. The film is

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12 Jul 2021

Bill Would Ban Facial Recognition in Public Housing

Last Wednesday, Legislation introduced in the House could effectively prohibit the use of facial recognition and biometric technology in both public and assisted housing units that are funded under the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The new bill, introduced by three democratic Representatives, addressed several of the risks that

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12 Jul 2021

Europe Makes the Case to Ban Biometric Surveillance

Recently, the European Data Protection Board, tasked with helping countries implement GDPR consistently, has called for a total ban on utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) technology to conduct facial recognition. The European Data Protection Supervisor joined the former entity in making a push for a ban on the controversial technology. The

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