13 Sep 2022

Famine Threatens East Africa as Drought Persists

In East Africa, thousands are facing a hunger emergency that has occurred as a result of four failed rainy seasons in a row. As the rainy season approaches, another drought could deepen the crisis and tip some areas into famine within weeks. Meteorologists have assessed the current situation and issued

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23 Aug 2022

Thousands of Indian farmers return to New Delhi in fresh protests

Massive protests have broken out across New Delhi in a renewed show of opposition against Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The protests began on Monday when thousands of farmers gathered to publicly voice their anger over unfulfilled promises made by the government concerning the population. The protests are occurring eight months

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02 Jun 2022

The Cyber Threat Vector as Food and Agriculture Industry Sector Heads into Critical Seasons

We continue with our research and analysis of the food and agriculture (FA) sector and the cyber threat vector as agriculture and food systems and cyber risk have become a central driving force and critical uncertainty – which we recommend all companies and organizations integrate into their foresight strategy, scenario planning, and strategic planning.

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23 May 2022

Agriculture and Cyber Risk are a New Driving Force and Critical Uncertainty

A new research vector has emerged in the last couple of months at the “praxis”  (or intersection) of agriculture and cyber risk based on the following nascent driving force and critical uncertainty:  Ukraine is a crucial breadbasket in the global food system. The war is impacting the entire agriculture supply chain and value chain in Ukraine and Russia.  Ukraine not only provides wheat and other grains to Europe but to parts of Asia and Africa.  Broad global food shortages are forecast – and may have a duration of years (not days, weeks, or months).

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10 May 2022

Agricultural Manufacturer AGCO Hit by Ransomware

AGCO, a US agricultural equipment manufacturer, has been hit by a cyberattack. The attack disrupted AGCO’s operations during the critical planting season. The attack was confirmed by the agricultural equipment producer on May 6 in a statement in which the company also stated that the attack will impact operations for

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28 Dec 2021

China hoards over half the world’s grain, pushing up global prices

According to data from the US Department of Agriculture, China is expected to have 69% of the world’s maize reserved by the first half of the crop year 2022. The country is also projected to have 60% of the world’s rice reserves and 51% of its wheat. Less than 20%

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24 Sep 2021

Crystal Valley Farm Coop Hit with Ransomware

A Minnesota-based farm supply and grain marketing cooperative, Crystal Valley, has become the second agricultural business to be seized by a ransomware attack this week. The cooperative had been alerted to the attack on Sunday, September 19, and released a statement on its website Tuesday afternoon. As of Wednesday afternoon,

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03 Sep 2021

FBI Warns Food and Agriculture Firms of Ransomware Threat

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has released a warning alerting companies in the food and agricultural sector that they are at high risk for ransomware. This is partially due to corporate attack surfaces expanding, according to the bureau. The notification stated that the sectors contain critical infrastructures that could

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11 Feb 2021

Farmers across India have been protesting for months. Here’s why

Indian farmers unable to provide for their families have abandoned their homes to join together in staging one of India’s biggest protests. Since November, tens of thousands of farmers have been living in tents pitched down highways just outside of the country’s capital city, New Dehli. Law enforcement has erected

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01 Feb 2021

India cuts internet around New Delhi as protesting farmers clash with police

On Monday, internet access was blocked in several districts of India’s Haryana state, near New Dehli, following violent weekend clashes between law enforcement and farmers protesting agricultural reforms. Online access was announced to have been suspended in at least 14 of Haryana’s 22 districts until 5 pm Monday, according to

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