17 Jan 2020

U.S. and China Face a Steep Climb to Meet Trade Goals

The aggressive schedule for ramping up China’s purchase of American products laid out in the US-China trade deal will be very difficult for China to achieve over the next several years. The increase totals $200 billion over the next two years and leaves the two countries contemplating whether China can

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09 Jun 2018

Putin wary of cryptos as Russian farmers use their own to avoid banks

Putin has discussed cryptocurrencies a number of times, with the most recent coming this past week. Here, he discussed the difficulty of integrating them into state policy and financial planning as they are “inherently…beyond national borders.” Hundreds of farmers in Russia, however, have transitioned to a coin known as Kolion

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12 Jul 2012

International Agriculture in Transition

World food prices, food import/export levels, and food security are becoming more predictable and organized thanks to worldwide improvements in reporting, increasing regional agricultural development, and heightened governmental attention. The stage is set for major improvements in the development of international agriculture. In 2011, world food policy and food security

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