24 Sep 2021

Crystal Valley Farm Coop Hit with Ransomware

A Minnesota-based farm supply and grain marketing cooperative, Crystal Valley, has become the second agricultural business to be seized by a ransomware attack this week. The cooperative had been alerted to the attack on Sunday, September 19, and released a statement on its website Tuesday afternoon. As of Wednesday afternoon,

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03 Sep 2021

FBI Warns Food and Agriculture Firms of Ransomware Threat

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has released a warning alerting companies in the food and agricultural sector that they are at high risk for ransomware. This is partially due to corporate attack surfaces expanding, according to the bureau. The notification stated that the sectors contain critical infrastructures that could

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11 Feb 2021

Farmers across India have been protesting for months. Here’s why

Indian farmers unable to provide for their families have abandoned their homes to join together in staging one of India’s biggest protests. Since November, tens of thousands of farmers have been living in tents pitched down highways just outside of the country’s capital city, New Dehli. Law enforcement has erected

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01 Feb 2021

India cuts internet around New Delhi as protesting farmers clash with police

On Monday, internet access was blocked in several districts of India’s Haryana state, near New Dehli, following violent weekend clashes between law enforcement and farmers protesting agricultural reforms. Online access was announced to have been suspended in at least 14 of Haryana’s 22 districts until 5 pm Monday, according to

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26 Jan 2021

AI Genomics Company, NRGene, Completes Initial Public Offering on Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange and Raises US$30 Million

Tel Aviv based AI genomics company NRGene recently completed its initial public offering on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange after raising $30 million USD with an impressive post-money valuation. Leading institutional elites in the Israeli market have scrambled to invest in the company before they go public. NRGene is currently

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01 Dec 2020

Tens of thousands of farmers swarm India’s capital to protest deregulation rules

Last week, tens of thousands of farmers gathered in New Dehli to protest new agricultural laws they view as a threat to their livelihoods. Farmers traveled from Punjab, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh by tractor and foot to reach New Dehli and slept in makeshift camps while protesting. They were met

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27 May 2020

Agriculture Industry Moves Forward Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) To Improve Crop Management

The agriculture industry has been seeking new AI solutions to improve crop management and other facets of farming to produce more efficient yields. Aerial imaging has been used for decades to detect diseases in crops, however, AI is being introduced to this common practice to push the agriculture industry into

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17 Jan 2020

U.S. and China Face a Steep Climb to Meet Trade Goals

The aggressive schedule for ramping up China’s purchase of American products laid out in the US-China trade deal will be very difficult for China to achieve over the next several years. The increase totals $200 billion over the next two years and leaves the two countries contemplating whether China can

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09 Jun 2018

Putin wary of cryptos as Russian farmers use their own to avoid banks

Putin has discussed cryptocurrencies a number of times, with the most recent coming this past week. Here, he discussed the difficulty of integrating them into state policy and financial planning as they are “inherently…beyond national borders.” Hundreds of farmers in Russia, however, have transitioned to a coin known as Kolion

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12 Jul 2012

International Agriculture in Transition

World food prices, food import/export levels, and food security are becoming more predictable and organized thanks to worldwide improvements in reporting, increasing regional agricultural development, and heightened governmental attention. The stage is set for major improvements in the development of international agriculture. In 2011, world food policy and food security

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