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Thousands of Indian farmers return to New Delhi in fresh protests

Massive protests have broken out across New Delhi in a renewed show of opposition against Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The protests began on Monday when thousands of farmers gathered to publicly voice their anger over unfulfilled promises made by the government concerning the population. The protests are occurring eight months after a year-long protest was called off due to the government giving into several demands made by the population. Roughly 5,000 individuals gathered in the center of the capital to protest the fact that these concessions had not actually been made.

Farmers are demanding that the government guarantee a minimum support price for produce. In addition, the farmers have requested that India clear all farmer debts. This was confirmed in a statement from the Samyukta Kisan Morcha, the organization behind the protests. India’s Federal Agriculture Ministry has not responded to any requests for comments. Last November, Prime Minister Modi announced that he would roll back three laws that were created to deregulate produce markets but were ultimately harmful towards the farmers.

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