20 Mar 2014

Here come the next generation cyber-warriors

“A longtime staple of information technology training, cyber security has become a mainstream interest. Edward Snowden’s big reveal last year about the National Security Agency as well as the criminal breach into Target’s (TGT) credit and debit card system show that cyber protection is needed now more than ever. Every Ivy League school — as well as

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18 Mar 2014

Two Ukrainians and One American Charged for Role in Global Cybercrime Operation

“Three men have been charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud, conspiracy to commit access device fraud and identity theft, and aggravated identity theft. They’re believed to be part of an international cybercrime operation that targeted financial institutions and other major organizations in the Unites States.” Source: Two Ukrainians and

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17 Mar 2014

Banks to pay Microsoft millions to keep cash machines running Windows XP

“Banks around the world are set to stump up millions of pounds to Microsoft in a bid to keep their cash machines running after support for the venerable operating system runs out in April. According to reports by Reuters, only a third of cash machines running will have upgraded to

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16 Mar 2014

NATO websites hit in cyber attack linked to Crimea tension

“Hackers brought down several public NATO websites, the alliance said on Sunday, in what appeared to be the latest escalation in cyberspace over growing tensions over Crimea.” Source: NATO websites hit in cyber attack linked to Crimea tension | Reuters

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14 Mar 2014

Exchange CEOs say they are on high alert over cyber security

“Cyber security is emerging as one of the biggest threats for exchange operators as hackers become more sophisticated in their efforts to disrupt the global financial system, a group of exchange leaders told an industry conference. More than half of the world’s exchanges were hit by cyber attacks in 2012,

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13 Mar 2014

Lockheed Martin buys cybersecurity firm Industrial Defender

“Lockheed Martin on Wednesday announced that it would acquire a Massachusetts company that helps protect electrical grids, oil and gas pipelines and other pieces of critical infrastructure against cyberattacks. The purchase of Industrial Defender, which has more than 130 employees, is part of a move by the massive, Bethesda-based defense

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12 Mar 2014

NSA ‘hijacked’ criminal botnets to install spyware

“While U.S. law enforcement agencies have long tried to stamp out networks of compromised computers used by cyber criminals, the National Security Agency has been hijacking the so-called botnets as a resource for spying. The NSA has ‘co-opted’ more than 140,000 computers since August 2007 for the purpose of injecting

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10 Mar 2014

Latvia establishes a Cyber Defence Unit

“With the current situation in Ukraine, and Russian hackers’ penchant for escalating minor and major disputes and conflicts their nation has with neighbouring countries into the cyber realm, it’s no wonder that Latvia has launched a Cyber Defence Unit. According to Deutsche Welle, the newly established unit is part of

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10 Mar 2014

CanSecWest talk on infrastructure attacks canceled after being classified

“Eric Filiol, head of the Operational Cryptography and Computer Virology lab hosted by ESIEA in Laval, France, was scheduled to give a talk on Friday at the CanSecWest conference in Vancouver, British Columbia. However, that talk has been canceled after reviewers in the intelligence community deemed it a security risk.”

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08 Mar 2014

Cyber Snake plagues Ukraine networks

“An aggressive cyber weapon called Snake has infected dozens of Ukrainian computer networks including government systems in one of the most sophisticated attacks of recent years. Also known as Ouroboros, after the serpent of Greek mythology that swallowed its own tail, experts say it is comparable in its complexity with

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